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5 Best Courses to Find Employment in Australia

Choosing the right course in Australia can be difficult. There are many different courses on offer. Some are cheap, some are expensive. This article is not about cheap courses, it is about courses that are in demand by employers in Australia.

Courses in demand by employers in Australia

The more demand there is for an occupation, the easier it is to find employment. Therefore these courses are all in demand by employers in Australia. It is no coincidence that all of these positions are also on the Immigration Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. In my opinion there are 5 different types of jobs in demand in Australia: Trades, Health, Engineering, IT and miscellaneous. Most of these courses are not just in demand in Australia, but all over the world.


Carpentry is a job that is currently in high demand in Australia. Because it has become easy for domestic students to enter university in Australia, not enough Australians are choosing to study carpentry. Consequently there is a shortage of qualified carpenters. Many carpenters receive a higher rate of pay than many of the students who went to university.

To become a qualified carpenter in Australia you must study a Cert III in Carpentry. This course is offered in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Because it is a vocational course, it is also a lot cheaper to study than university courses. As carpentry is also on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, students who study this course may be eligible for the graduate work visa after graduation.


Nursing is one occupation that I feel will always and forever be in demand in Australia. Nurses are constantly overworked in Australia, because of the lack of qualified professionals. In fact, more work visas are granted for qualified nurses to Australia than almost all other occupations.  There are many different nursing professions in demand in Australia including nurse practitioner, aged care registered nurse and surgical nurse.

There are two main nursing courses offered in Australia:

1.5 year Diploma of Nursing

This qualifies you to be an enrolled nurse and is offered by many TAFE’s around Australia. It also offers a pathway to become a registered nurse.

4 year Bachelor of Nursing

This is the course that students must take to become a registered nurse in Australia.


Even though the mining boom is over, there is still strong demand for all types of Engineering professionals in Australia. Qualified Engineers are paid top dollar in Australia and there is demand for all types of civil, mechanical and structural engineers just to name a few.

To become a qualified engineer in Australia, you must complete a Bachelor of Engineering which is offered at many universities around Australia. This is a 4 year course and costs upwards of $20,000 per year for international students.

However students can complete a 2 year Associate Degree to become a qualified Civil Engineering Draftsperson for significantly less.

Anything I.T

Australia has a shortage of I.T professionals. It is simple, the economy and employers need more. Occupations such as ICT Business Analyst, Software Engineer and Systems Analyst are all on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. These positions all require a bachelor level or higher qualification and IT courses are offered by many universities around Australia.

There are also numerous different different vocational courses in I.T. such as:

Most Trade Courses

In reality, all the jobs that are on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, are on the list because these jobs are in demand in Australia. In particular Australia is experiencing a construction boom. The need for qualified and skilled tradesmen is real. What’s more, most qualified tradesmen earn great money.

Trade Occupations available to international students in Australia include:

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