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Meet the team

Pathways to Aus is Registered Migration and Education Agency that has assisted over a thousand clients from 50 different countries migrate or study in Australia. Scroll down and meet the awesome team members behind Pathway to Aus.

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Britt working at the PTA office
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Founder & Registered Migration and Education agent

Nicholas Yock

I was born and raised on the Gold Coast, before I studied migration law at Australian National University, I completed a double degree in Economics and Chinese at University of Queensland in Brisbane.

I started Pathway to Aus in 2012 to ensure only the highest level of service and support for all students in the hopes that everyone can experience Australian culture. I’m the senior migration agent at Pathway to Aus and can also assist clients apply for Partner Visas, General Skilled Migration, Student, Graduate, Investor, Child and Employer Sponsored Visas.

If you’re interested in studying and migrating to Australia then feel free to reach out to me.

Rhiannon Registered Migration Agent Pathway to Aus

Registered Migration Agent from the Gold Coast, Australia

Rhiannon McCaulay

I joined Pathway to Aus in 2016 when I met Nick. Soon after finishing my studies in migration law I joined the migration team as a registered migration agent and have remained here for close to 5 years.

I love that Australia is really multicultural. I think that we are really welcoming and accepting of all kinds of people from all over the world which makes Australia a cool place to live. It’s a really beautiful country too. Besides Australia my favorite countries are China or Vietnam. Both have fantastic food, interesting history and nice people

Lead Education Agent from Sydney, Australia

Brad Lincoln

I have been with Pathway to Aus from the beginning, I helped start it with Nick in 2012. Prior to Pathway To Aus, I was working as a Project Manager for a construction company. I have a solid foundation of experience in the construction industry which has helped me to advise students who are looking to study trades in Australia.

I love Australia because it’s home. It doesn’t matter where I go in the world, there is nowhere like Australia. Outside of Australia, my favourite place to visit Penang, Malaysia. It is an amazing place with wonderful food and friendly people.


UK & Europe Business Manager from the Gold Coast, Australia

Andrew Stewart

I have been working in the travel, tourism and working holiday industry since 2011, so moving into migration and education was something that interested me and seemed like a logical next step. In 2019 I was looking to make this step and Pathway to Aus was looking for someone to work with our clients in the UK and Europe and the rest is history!

I love Australia because of its multicultural cities, relaxed lifestyle and great weather. Outside of Australia my favourite place in the world is Umbria, Italy.

Migration Lawyer, Education & Migration Agent

Sara Cullen

I was born and raised on the Gold Coast. I hold a Bachelor of Law (Hons) and International Commerce from Griffith University and am an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARA: 1796047).

I joined Nick, Brad and Rhi at Pathway to Aus in 2017. I have never looked back. My passion is helping people. As an Aussied qualified lawyer, education and migration agent, I am well placed to help find the most suitable study option, and advise on possible future migration pathways.

Australia is a great place. I have lived and worked all over the world, including London, San Francisco, Vancouver and Wellington but as the saying goes, there is no place like home. Being back home and being able to go to work each day doing something that I love is very fulfilling. I know you will love Australia too. I look forward to helping you achieve your Aussie dream!

Britt Pathway to Aus
Migration Assistant from Columbus, Ohio, USA

Britt Hunter

I was working as an Immigration Lawyer in America and decided to move to Australia in 2017. After an F-45 class in Burleigh Heads a friend overheard Nick talking about working in immigration. She walked straight over, got his contact details and I emailed him that day. Nick asked me to come to the office the following week and I never left.

I love Australia because it’s basically a massive playground for those who enjoy living outdoors. Other places that I love are Sri Lanka, Indonesia, France, Costa Rica…basically anywhere that English isn’t the first language and I can surf, practice yoga and eat amazing food.

Enrolments Officer from Uruguay

Silvina Dupuy

In June of 2020 I came to see Nick about my partner’s Graduate Visa. I fell in love with the vibe and energy in the office when I walked in and wanted to be a part of the team. A couple of days later, here I am! Australia has given me so many opportunities, it’s such an exciting country to explore on my journey. Aside from Australia, my favourite part of the world is Cartagena, Colombia
Office Manager from Johannesburg, South Africa

Suri Anderhold

Pathway to Aus assisted my partner and I in applying for a student visa when we were in South Africa. About 2 months after we arrived in Australia Nick and Brad took me under their wing and offered me a job, and here I am, almost three years later and still loving every moment of it! By far the best company ever to be a part of. When people ask what I love most about Australia, I can’t name just one thing specifically. It’s Australia, what’s not to love! My favourite place in the world, aside from Australia, is Switzerland. 

Student Experience Office from Brisbane, Australia

Kaitlin Hillery

I was working in the working holiday industry when a friend mentioned there was a position opening up at Pathway to Aus. I was looking for a more challenging and rewarding role, so I did some research online about Pathway to Aus, loved what the company stands for and the rest is history.

What I love the most about Australia are the beaches, rainforests, sunshine and chilled vibes. Outside of Australia, my favourite place is Bali.


Migration Assistant from Cardiff, Wales

Natasha Garland

My fiancé found Pathway to Aus when looking for the perfect course to study in Australia. When we arrived here, I took the opportunity to apply for an open position as I could not believe how dedicated the team at Pathway to Aus were. I just wanted to be part of something that gives so much opportunity to people from all over the world and I have loved every minute since joining this little diverse family.

I love Australia for the beautiful beaches, national parks and laidback lifestyle.
My favourite place in the world aside from home (as that is always where my heart will be), would probably be Paris. The romance, the art and museums, the food and wine all make it the perfect weekend getaway. Not forgetting that Disneyland is just outside the city if you want to channel your inner child and have lots of fun with Mickey and the gang.

Migration Assistant

Bart Hutchinson

I was born in Mt Isa in central Queensland but grew up in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. I taught English as a second language for around 13 years, 3 years in Russia, 1 ½ years in Vietnam and 2 years in Japan, plus 6 ½ years on the Gold Coast, Australia. During this time I met Nick Yock, founder of Pathway to Aus.

I decided to make the change to become a Migration Agent in 2019 as I wanted a career where I can help people realise their dreams of living, studying and possibly immigrating to Australia. I love this country and want to have the opportunity to share it with people of different countries and cultures. As a result, I studied the Graduate Diploma of Migration Law and Practice which was completed in November 2019 and am now waiting to sit the Capstone Exam to become a registered Migration Agent.

I am excited to be working at Pathway to Aus and I look forward to assisting you in your future applications.

Bart Hutchinson - Migration Assistant
Jamison Blair - Migration Assistant
Migration Assistant

Jamison Blair

I joined the Pathway to Aus team in August 2020 and love the opportunity to assist people in exploring our beautiful country and in taking part in our fantastic education system. I’m excited to be part of such a great team that is going above and beyond to help people change their lives for the better while exploring our part of the world. I have had the chance to study abroad in both the USA and Indonesia and I am aware of the opportunities and life experiences that come with these endeavours. I did not do this alone and I am grateful for the help I have received during these pursuits and I am also grateful to help others do the same when they visit Australia.

I have always been interested in travel and cultural exchange, I have spent a lot of my life exploring other countries and working in the travel industry. My academic background includes International Relations, Economics and Development and I aim to bring the sum of my personal, academic and professional experiences to my work here.

Education Agent from Philippines

Reyna Ruperto

I have worked in the Immigration Consultancy industry for almost all of my years as a professional. I have been helping numerous people from the Philippines and people from all around the world to realize their dreams of studying, travelling or even moving abroad. I love my job because I get to help change people’s lives, and they were changing mine too. I have always been excited since joining pathway to Aus as I know that opportunities are limitless! Everyone here is so nice, professional and fun to work with.  

I am from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines and I love it! I love Australia too because of its friendly people, delicious food and wine, and the places and activities to do are bountiful and absolutely amazing.

Looking forward to being your counsellor and processing your applications at Pathway to Aus.

Bart Hutchinson - Migration Assistant
Jamison Blair - Migration Assistant
Migration Assistant

Nico Agustin

I have been working in the travel and immigration industry since 2008. I have a broad professional experience with consulates and embassies, international education, foreign affairs sectors of the government and international airlines. Under my belt is a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications and a Pilot license. I enjoy working for Pathway to Aus as it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise and contribute to our applicants’ travel successes. 

I love Australia because it is a unique, inclusive and possesses a very stunning natural environment. My favorite destinations would be Honolulu as I adore how they preserve their traditions and Vancouver because of its magnificent architecture.

Education Consultant

Sonier Paolo Santos Jr

Hi, I have been in the migration industry for more than 6 years and know a lot about the education industry and different course options in Australia. I have worked hard to increase my knowledge about education in Australia and I hope to present your best options to you. I genuinely want to learn about your study goals and will advise how to achieve these.

I have been to Australia on several occasions and I love so much about the places, people, cuisines – EVERYTHING!

I am Sonier Paolo Santos Jr., you can call me Paolo and I am glad to assist you in all your concerns.

Ronjalu Pontanosa – Education Agent from the Philippines
Jay Jurado – Education Assistant - from the Philippines

Education Consultant – from the Philippines

Jay Jurado

Hi, I work as an education assistant at Pathway to Aus. I was born and raised in the Philippines and then I moved to Australia for the final year of my education. To live, study and work in Australia was a priceless experience and I fell in love with the country. It has such amazing people, culture, weather and scenery. My experience in Australia really shaped who I am today in such a positive manner with all those factors combined. In my spare time, I like to keep myself active, I usually do some boxing or go for a hike or just chill by the beach. I’m generally a very laid back person and I’m often told that I have a knack for spreading positive energy around me. I also enjoy chatting with people from all walks of life and I believe I have skills that are transferable to almost any field, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Education Consultant

Justine Makiling

Hi, I am Justine. I’ve been in the international education industry for almost five years now. Before this, I have a solid background in psychometrics, psychology, and education. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education where I majored in Guidance and Counseling. I have also finished all my Doctorate units in the same major.

I am passionate about helping people through my work. Pathway to Aus and I share the same values; I love being part of the team, and everyone is pleasant. Our goal is to help you succeed and give you the highest level of service; we have a team to support and assist you with your study abroad plans, work in Australia, or even in your migration journey.

I look forward to helping you study in Aus

Justine Makiling
Jeco Gabrielle Berona - Education Consultant
Education Consultant

Jeco Gabrielle Berona

I have always been passionate about education – from studying to be an English as a Second Language teacher, to non-government organisation volunteer, to study abroad.  I love the opportunity to work and help international students to achieve their dreams and fuel their passion for exploration in ways that are transformative. I have been in the education industry for 5 years now. I have helped numerous students from the Philippines and other countries to realise their dreams of studying, exploring, and advancing their careers. I joined Pathway to Aus to provide the best service and education pathways for international students. I fell in love with Australia from the moment I arrived to the Gold Coast, then Sydney and Adelaide. The experience has helped me discuss how studying in Australia feels. in my opinion Australia is a world class study destination. To top that, the food, the people, the culture and the great outdoors are something that international students will definitely love, enjoy and embrace while studying in Aus.

Migration Assistant

Liza Wright

A born and bred Durbanite from South African who left mother Africa at the age of 16 to take on the greatest state in the world. Texas!! After 10 years the “great international move” began to itch deep within so I headed to London and after many many moons, landed with both feet firmly on Australian ground 12 years ago.
Having lived in 5 different countries throughout my life and going through all that immigration work for each one of the moves, I decided to use my background and degree in Business Development and Consulting to commingle it with a career in immigration.

I relish the ability to assist others in making their dream of immigrating to a new country for business, work, study or family come true. I am stoked to be able to work amongst such an awesome team that Nick and Brad have built here at Pathways. Their passion for assisting others in their migration journey matches up with mine perfectly.

I look forward to walking alongside you throughout your migration process to Australia with my work and life experience to back us up and make the journey a little bit easier for you.

Justine Makiling
Jeco Gabrielle Berona - Education Consultant
Senior Migration Agent (MARA 0214353)

Kym Handberg

Kym is the senior migration agent at Pathway to Aus. Originally coming from Darwin in the Northern Territory, he now calls the Gold Coast home. He has over 20 years experience as a migration agent and has worked in countries all over the world.

Kym is more than capable of handling all types of visa applications, however specialises in Employer Sponsored Visas, Skilled Regional, State Nominated and AAT Applications.

Visa Assistant

Gammy Dulay

Our mission of helping people reach their dreams through international education remains to be the primary reason that I remained working in the industry for 6 years now, constantly handling applications with excellence. I am thrilled to be part of the talented team of Pathway to Aus in helping dreamers from all over the world in their pathway to their aspired lives and careers.

I have visited Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, and my experience in these cities is lovely. You can take photos everywhere in Australia and post them unfiltered yet they are perfect. Your skin glows in Australia too!

I hope to be working with you in your application.

Justine Makiling
Jeco Gabrielle Berona - Education Consultant
Education Consultant

Jeremae B. Tabiolo

I have been in the international education industry since 2018. I am glad to be part of Pathway to Aus as it is a company that provides a motivating and healthy environment for their employees. When it comes to work, I’m passionate about organizing documents, paper works and at the same time, I enjoy assisting potential students in their dreams of studying abroad. Ever since I entered the industry, I’ve been fond of Australia and love helping our students get there.

I’m from the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines and personally, I like travelling, road trips, café hunting and photography!


In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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