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Wall and Floor Tiling



From Poland

Wall and Floor Tiling

The Gold Coast

From Poland

Peter is a student from Poland that Pathway to Aus assisted to study Wall and Floor Tiling in Australia.


Where do you study & What do you study?

I study the Cert III Wall and Floor tiling at Entrepreneur Education on the Gold Coast

Can you explain the structure/schedule of the course?

We have one full day on Saturday and then two evening classes throughout the week.

The course puts an emphasis on practical study. On Saturday we do a full day from 8 – 4pm. This whole day is practical where we work in a workshop. Throughout this day we spend a lot of time cutting tiles, tiling a cube, things which are very simple because I am only on stage 1 of the course. The first Stage of the course is Simple cuts and getting used to the tools.

After studying about half of the course I will move onto stage 2. In this part we work 3 different model bathrooms that are in the workshop. We go through all of these and learn the methods of tiling to use in each section. On Wednesday night from 5 – 9pm there is a theory class. This is where you learn the methods and techniques form a book, which although I don’t find as interesting, is still very important to learn and will be useful in the future.

On Thursday nights it is collaboration where you can ask the teacher anything you need to learn. We are given assignments every two weeks and must finish these and hand them in to the teacher.

Do you enjoy the course?

I enjoy the practical better, but I understand that I should learn both. I find that a lot of theory you can do by yourself at your own pace. And then any questions you can ask the teacher in collaboration. The teacher is great he gives you the time and attention needed.

Who are your classmates?

My classmates are from all over the world. Colombia, Korea, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Spain all over the world.

Do you work in the industry?

Not yet, because I only started doing the course a few months ago. But I have a friend who I plan to work with when I become a little bit more skilled. I have set up my own ABN as this is very common in the industry and begin to work in the industry probably in my second year.

Are you working at the moment?

I set up my ABN, where I work in an online store.

Do you like your teacher? What is his teaching style?

Yes, Brad is a great teacher. He has so much experience in the industry, maybe 20 years. He knows everything and explains it very easily. He is very approachable.

Do you believe you will be ready to work in the industry when you finish the course?

Yes, I believe it will be an easy transition. I am looking forward to working in the industry.


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