Nick's Interview

Certificate III and Diploma Horticulture

United Kingdom


From United Kingdom

Certificate III and Diploma Horticulture

Gold Coast

From United Kingdom

Nick originally came to Australian on a working holiday visa. Before his visa expired, Pathway to Aus assisted Nick to study the Certificate 3 and Diploma Horticulture on The Gold Coast.

Upon finishing his studies, Pathway to Aus assisted Nick to obtain a Training 407 Visa. This is a visa that allowed him to remain in Australia to live, work and enhance his skills as a nursery person. As part of this visa Nick must work and be paid for at least 30 hours per week, whilst also receiving on the job training as a nursery person.

Applicants can apply for the 407 Training Visa (enhance skills pathway), if they have studied or worked in their occupation for at least 12 months in the 24 months prior to lodging the visa. In many ways, the process is very similar to the standard 482 Employer Sponsored Visa, however the requirements are much lower.


Where are you from?

Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Where do you live in Australia?

The Gold Coast

What is your occupation?

Nurseryperson and Horticulturalist. I work at a nursery in the Gold Coast Hinterland

What did you study in Australia and for how long?

I studied certificate 3 and Diploma of Horticulture. These courses ran for approximately 2 years.

How did you find your employer sponsor for your Training visa?

I actually started working here while on my first working holiday visa and he offered to put me through my qualifications and continue on after with the training visa. I am very grateful to have such a supportive employer.

What does it mean being on a training visa? Do you have any work limitations? Any restrictions on where you can live and work?

Being on a training visa means I learn on the job skills that I wouldn’t have learned during my studies. I need to be employed in the occupation that I have previous study or experience in. I believe you can do this visa anywhere.

What does your occupational training look like?

I’m currently learning how to run the nursery and production areas on a day to day basis. As no two days are the same this varies greatly and can include things like ordering plants, potting, spraying of weeds/chemical application and also helping retail customers.

How was the process of obtaining the visa? Did you find it difficult?

I found the process fairly straightforward. Obviously I needed to be assisted by Pathway to Aus who assisted both myself and the employer with all the steps required.

How did Pathway to Aus help you get the visa?

They advised me of what I needed for the visa and helped with all of the paperwork. They reviewed all of my documents, lodged my visa and then liaised with immigration throughout the process.

What are your plans after your visa expires?

I’m currently exploring my options with Pathway to Aus, we have a migration plan in process.

Would you recommend PTA?

Definitely. Nick and the team have been extremely helpful all the way through.


In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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