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Tania is one of our students who has studied the Diploma of Nursing in Brisbane. Tania is from Estonia and previously came to Australia on a working holiday visa. After graduating she is now a fully qualified Enrolled Nurse.


What course did you study?

I studied the Diploma of Nursing at TAFE QLD in Brisbane. The course went for 1.5 years. Prior to beginning the course, I had to do about 12 weeks of English courses to improve my English slightly so I could enter the course.


Where are you living in Brisbane?

When I studied the course I was living at Woolloongabba. It is close to the city and school which was really convenient to me. I pay $180 per week for my room. I was living with in a share house initially before I moved in with my partner into our own apartment. There is a lot of apartments in Brisbane and it is a cheap place to rent.


How do you like the course?:

I really liked it. I found it to be challenging at the start because my English was not the best. However, after a month, I began to get used to it and really take everything in. TAFE has amazing facilities where we got to use the best of everything. My placement was also a really useful and rewarding experience. I think just going through the experience with a group of like-minded students was awesome. We were a close-knit group in our class and are all still friends.


How often do you attend class?

3 full days per week 8am – 5pm, some semesters were 4 days it just depended on what we were covering at the time. Nursing is quite intensive because you learn a lot in only 1.5 years. You become a fully qualified enrolled in only 1.5 years, plus there is a lot of holidays in between classes. The placement was intensive when I did it. I think we did about 400 hours of placement over 10 or 15 weeks or something like that. I did learn a lot in this time at placement though and the experience was amazing.


How did you find about Pathway to Aus?

I was actually referred to Pathway to Aus by a friend who they helped.


How are you doing for work?

Since graduating from the course I applied for a partner visa with my Australian boyfriend. There is plenty of work for enrolled nurse and I work full time a residential care facility.


Did you have any problem finding work?

Not at all, they are crying out for qualified enrolled nurses.


What are you most looking forward to learning?

I am waiting for my PR to come through, but as soon as it does I am going to do my bachelors to become a registered nurse. I get credit for previously studying the Diploma so it should take me a lot less time.

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