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How much does ageing cost Australia?

The cost of ageing in Australia is a complex issue that encompasses healthcare, social services, and pension systems. According to various reports, the aged care sector alone is expected to require significant investment in the coming years to meet the needs of the...

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What is the best aged care course to do?

The "best" aged care course can vary depending on individual career goals, but the Certificate IV in Ageing Support is often considered a comprehensive and widely recognized qualification. It covers a broad range of topics and includes practical work placements,...

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Are aged care workers in demand in Australia?

Yes, aged care workers are in high demand in Australia due to the country's rapidly ageing population. The sector is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, making it a priority area for employment growth. Government reports and industry studies indicate...

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Does aged care pay well in Australia?

Aged care salaries in Australia can vary based on the role, experience, qualifications, and location. On average, entry-level aged care workers can expect a modest salary, but with experience and additional qualifications, earnings can increase significantly. The...

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What is Certificate IV in Ageing Support?

Certificate IV in Ageing Support is a comprehensive qualification in Australia tailored for those aiming to work in the aged care sector. This course provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills to care for the elderly, ensuring their well-being, health, and...

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