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How do I get started in Automotive Body Repair?

Here is how you can get started in Automotive Body Repair: Enroll in the right course: Begin with Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair to learn key techniques like welding and vehicle component fabrication. Secure a Temporary Graduate Visa: Upon successful course...

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Are Panel Beater’s in demand in Australia?

Absolutely, Panel Beaters have a significant role in Australia's automotive industry. Data from the Australian Government's Job Outlook indicates that there were around 14,600 Panel Beaters in the country in 2020. This number represents a robust growth from the count...

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What qualifications do I need to be a Panel Beater?

To qualify as a Panel Beater in Australia, the primary requirement is to complete a Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology. This course is key for anyone seeking to gain the technical skills and knowledge needed in this trade. Before enrolling for this...

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How much does a Panel Beater get paid?

A qualified Panel Beater in Australia typically earns an average of $1,280 per week, as per data from Job Outlook. However, this number can vary depending on several factors such as your years of experience, location, and the specific employer or workshop. The...

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Where can I study to be a Panel Beater in Australia?

Prominent cities such as Brisbane and Sydney are among the preferred choices for studying Panel Beating in Australia. While numerous locations around Australia offer Panel Beating courses, Brisbane and Sydney stand out for their wide range of vocational institutions...

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What do you do as a Panel Beater?

Panel Beaters repair damage to metal, fibreglass and plastic body work on vehicles, and form replacement vehicle panels. A typical day as a Panel Beater could include the following: removing damaged panels and parts, and removing upholstery and accessories to gain...

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