Diploma of Mental Health

Mental Health

Are you interested in working in a rewarding and growing industry? Do you want to make a difference in someones life? Perhaps you could consider studying Mental Health. The Australian Government anticipates this industry to grow rapidly over the coming years.

This course provides student with the specialised skills and knowledge needed to work with people with complex needs in both community services and healthcare settings.
This course provides students with many different types of clients, run early intervention and health promotion programs, and research and apply evidence to your practice. These skills will be extremely helpful in a variety of career pathways. Students will also learn the required skills to advocate on behalf of people with complex coexisting mental health, drug, and alcohol issues. Should you wish to embark on a career in mental health industry, are looking to improve your current career the course framework ensures you will be getting the most out your studies.

Upon graduation, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to work as a mental health worker, Community Rehabilitation Worker, Mental Health Rehabilitation Worker, Support Worker, Community Support Worker.

Upon completion of this course, students may continue to gain additional skills in a bachelor degree in the mental health industry.

  • Students must have completed year 12 or higher
  • Students must have the English equivalent of IELTS 6, or be from a Native English speaking country

Employment in the numerous occupation in the mental health industry including mental health counselors substance abuse councelors or behavioural health disorders is projected to grow 23 percent in the coming decade. This increase in growth is due to the increase in people who continue to seek addiction and mental health counseling services.

Course Details

Starting Price

$10 000 - $15 000


12-24 months


Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

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How much is a diploma of mental health in Australia?

Generally, the tuition fees for this specialized diploma range between $10,000 and $15,000. This variation in cost depends on several factors, including the specific educational institution offering the course, its location, and the course’s duration and content.

It’s essential for students to understand that these fees often cover only the tuition cost. Additional expenses such as textbooks, course materials, and any required field trips or practical components may incur extra charges. International students should also consider other costs like health insurance, accommodation, and living expenses while planning their education budget.

Some institutions may offer scholarships or financial aid options to help offset these costs. Students are encouraged to inquire directly with their chosen educational provider about available financial support or visit the Diploma of Mental Health page on Pathway to Aus for more detailed and updated information.

Investing in a Diploma of Mental Health not only covers the academic cost but also opens doors to rewarding career opportunities in the mental health sector. With the growing demand for mental health professionals in Australia, this diploma can be a stepping stone to a fulfilling and impactful career.

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Which course is is best for mental health?

The two popular options in Australia are the Diploma of Mental Health and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Mental Health.

The Diploma of Mental Health offers practical skills and foundational knowledge, ideal for those looking to start working in the field quickly. It typically takes 1-2 years to complete and is suited for roles like mental health workers, support workers, and community service workers.

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Mental Health, on the other hand, provides a more in-depth study and can open paths to higher-level positions and further study, like a Master’s or Doctorate. This option usually takes 3-4 years and is suitable for those aiming for a long-term career in mental health research, clinical psychology, or therapy.

Both paths have their unique strengths, and the best choice depends on your long-term career aspirations and educational preferences. To find the most suitable answer for your specific needs and goals, please get in touch with one of our education agents at Pathway to Aus.

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Is mental health in demand in Australia?

Yes, mental health professionals are in high demand in Australia. The country has seen a growing recognition of the importance of mental health, leading to an increased demand for skilled professionals in this field. This trend is driven by a greater public awareness of mental health issues, government initiatives to improve mental health services, and the expanding scope of services required to support diverse communities.

Career opportunities in mental health are varied, ranging from clinical roles like psychologists and psychiatrists to community-based positions such as mental health counselors, social workers, and support workers. The Australian government’s commitment to mental health services, along with ongoing investments in the sector, further bolsters job prospects for professionals in this field.

For those interested in pursuing a career in mental health, Australia offers a range of educational pathways, including diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate qualifications. To explore courses and career opportunities in mental health, please reach out to our agents.

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In which cities can you study the Diploma of Mental Health in Australia?

The Diploma of Mental Health can be studied in several cities across Australia, each offering unique experiences and opportunities. Some of the key cities where this diploma is offered include:

  • Sydney: Known for its iconic landmarks and vibrant culture, Sydney provides a stimulating environment for studying and working in mental health.
  • Melbourne: Renowned for its diverse community and rich arts scene, Melbourne offers a supportive atmosphere for mental health studies.
  • Perth: Known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor lifestyle, Perth is perfect for students who enjoy a balance of study and nature.
  • Adelaide: Adelaide is known for its affordability and high-quality education, making it a great choice for students.
  • Gold Coast: Famous for its beaches and surf culture, the Gold Coast offers a unique backdrop for mental health education.

Each city offers its own unique advantages, from vibrant cultural scenes to serene landscapes, enhancing the learning experience for students in the Diploma of Mental Health.

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What is a Diploma of Mental Health?

The Diploma of Mental Health is an advanced educational program designed to equip students with comprehensive skills and knowledge essential for effectively working in the mental health sector. This course is ideal for those seeking to develop a deep understanding of mental health issues and learn practical strategies to support individuals dealing with these challenges.

Throughout the diploma, students engage in a blend of theoretical learning and practical training. The curriculum typically covers a range of topics, including understanding mental health and illness, developing and implementing treatment plans, working with diverse populations, crisis intervention, ethical and legal aspects of mental health care, and promoting mental health awareness and well-being.

Graduates of this diploma are prepared for various roles within community services and healthcare settings, such as mental health support workers, community rehabilitation workers, and mental health outreach workers. The course also lays a solid foundation for further studies or specialization in the field of mental health.

This diploma is offered at various educational institutions across Australia, with flexible study options like full-time, part-time, and sometimes online study modes. The program is suitable for individuals new to the healthcare sector as well as those who are already working in the field and looking to enhance their qualifications and career prospects.

For more information on the Diploma of Mental Health and related courses, feel free to contact one of our education agents.

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In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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