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Vet Nursing is a great study option for someone who has a love for animals and wants to work with them. Veterinary Nurses provide assistance to qualified Vets, and play an important role in the animal health care industry in Australia and around the world. Generally Vet Nurses are responsible for administering medications to animals under the supervision of the instructing Veterinarian, stocking medical supplies, maintaining and sterilise equipment, keep medical records for the animals up-to-date and provide assistance during consultations.

Veterinary nurses are employed across several animal care industries. This certificate has been designed by the veterinary industry as the basic qualification required for a person aiming to give professional assistance at a veterinary practice. You’ll be trained in animal care for all of the six major groups (birds, fish, mammals, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles, but you probably knew that already). Career outcomes are:

Course Offered:

• Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (12 months)

Locations Offered:

Sydney, Perth, Brisbane

Career Opportunities

• Veterinary nurse

• Animal hospital assistant

• Wildlife hospital nurse

What will you learn?

• How to support veterinarians in medical and surgical procedures • General clinic operations• Monitor animals post medical procedures• Supervise junior-level clinic employees• Organise animal housing• How to apply basic first aid.
You will learn in veterinary clinics with real animals for real people in real-life environments.


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