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If you are looking for a course to study that can change the life of many others, and provide you with job opportunities while travelling the TESOL course is what your looking for.



Courses offered

  • CERTIFICATE IV in TESOL (Duration 10 -15 weeks)

Only recently introduced for second language learners, the TESOL course prepares students to become qualified English teachers. The Certificate IV is the minimum requirement that a teacher must have to work at an English school in Australia & Over Seas, and this qualification is recognised all around the world. Quite often second language learners make the best TESOL teachers as they can relate to the challenges facing the student.

The course provides hands-on experience, and isn’t designed to improve the student’s English ability, but rather increase the student’s classroom awareness.  Throughout the course students will learn different techniques used by English teachers when dealing with students. In addition, during the duration of the course, students must successfully pass several assessment pieces including: demonstrations, oral presentations, written assignments, group work and preparation of classroom materials for lessons.

A course usually runs for between 8 – 15 weeks, depending on which institution the students intend to study. Also, each week students will have 20 hours of classroom time.

Career Opportunities:

  • TESOL teacher




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