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This is a very practical based course that incorporates commercial opportunity and industry based experience along with  training provided by some of the most experienced people in the industry.

Courses Offered


  • Diploma of Photo Imaging (Duration 52 weeks)

If you are a creative individual with a desire to work in an industry you are passionate about, then studying a Photo Imaging course could be perfect for you. The course will teach students different techniques used by professionals in the industry. Not only will you be trained in the practical side of photography you are also extensively trained in the art of Post production to make the images you capture exactly how you envision them to be.   The course will cover a wide range of aspects of photography including:

  • Shooting styles
  • Black and white photography
  • Digital photography
  • Digital software and manipulation
  • Image capture
  • Lighting
  • Frame compositions
  • Features of a digital SLR camera
  • Post production


Career Opportunities:

  • Commercial photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Magazine photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Sports Photography


Higher Education Opportunities:

  • Bachelor Of Photography



Pathway to Aus is partnered with education providers across Australia that provide Photography Courses. If you are interested in more information in any of the course feel free to contact us on:

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