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Community Services

The Community Services industry is constantly growing and developing. If you are looking for a career thats provides you growth and helping people from many different backgrounds this is for you.


 Certificate III in Disability (Duration 3 – 6 months)

Working with people with disabilities can be a very rewarding career and this course is a great option for those wishing to enter into the industry. The demand for trained Disability workers is constantly growing. This course will provide you with the fundamentals you need to undertake an entry level role in the Disability sector.


Certificate IV in Disability (Duration 6- 9 months)

For people who are looking to further develop their skills for working with the disabled. This course will enhance all aspects of your already developed skills and provide the student with career progression in the Disability sector.  You will cover a wide range of modules like working effectively in a team, processing reports, implementing safe procedures and protocols just to name a few.


Certificate IV in Child, Youth & Family Intervention (Duration 9 – 14 months)

This course is ideal for those who are wanting to pursue a career in the family welfare sector. Workers in this role are the front line staff who are dealing with families in crisis. You are trained in a very diverse range of areas from conflict resolution through to implementing health programs for young children and teenagers from low socio-economic areas.


Certificate IV in Community Services Work (Duration 12 – 14 months)

Students who choose to undertake this course will further develop their skills with in the Community Service sector. You will have a strong emphasis put on working with the wider community. You cover many different areas of community service with in this course from working with troubled children and families right through to working with entire communities to help implement changes to help create a better environment for all.


Certificate IV in Youth Work (Duration 12 – 15 months)

This course is very closely related to the Certificate IV in Child, Youth & Family Intervention. The difference between the two is this has a very strong focus on working with children and teenagers from troubled backgrounds. This can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging areas of the community service sector. This course provides you with the skills you need to meet these challenges head on and make wonderful changes within a family or community.


Diploma of Youth Justice (Duration 12 – 15 months)

A youth justice worker is someone who supervises young people who have been directed by the justice system to be in the care and direction of authorised community and government agencies. At this level, you may have some supervisory responsibility for other staff. You will cover all aspect of youth legislation so you can provide the best support to troubled youth in the community.


Diploma of Community Service Financial Counselling (Duration 12 months)

This course provides knowledge and skills relating to financial counselling, which is a specialist service assisting people faced with debt and other financial issues. Financial counselling requires specialist knowledge, paralegal skills and competencies especially in regard to credit and debt issues affecting clients and their rights and obligations; as well as a solid understanding of social and systemic issues that impact on financial counselling clients.


Diploma of Community Services Coordination (Duration 12 months)

This course provides knowledge and skills relating to financial counselling, which is a specialist service assisting people faced with debt and other financial issues. Financial counselling requires specialist knowledge, paralegal skills and competencies especially in regard to credit and debt issues affecting clients and their rights and obligations. You will also gain a strung understanding of social issues facing certain communities and how to engage with them about these issues.

Certificate III in Aged Care (Duration 6 months)


This qualification provides you with a holistic approach to caring for Elderly People within our community. It is designed to equip you with the knowledge & skills to provide physical and social support to elderly individuals and people in Aged Care hostels, Aged Care facilities and Community settings.


Cert IV in Ageing Support (Duration 4-12 months)


This qualification reflects the role of support workers who complete specialised tasks and functions in aged services; either in residential, home or community based environments. Workers will take responsibility for their own outputs within defined organisation guidelines and maintain quality service delivery through the development, facilitation and review of individualised service planning and delivery.


Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management (Duration 66 weeks)


Occupations such as early childhood educators, aged care workers and disability support workers have experienced strong growth and this growth is expected to increase to meet community service demands and changes to service delivery models within these sectors. Our Certificate III to Diploma courses in these occupational fields incorporate a work placement component ensuring the student has the skills, knowledge and competencies required for immediate employment and/or entry into pathway courses.




Course Duration

Courses vary in length depending on the level. The majority of courses are between 3 months and 2 years.

Intake Dates

Intake dates are ongoing thoughout the year at various locations.


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Adelaide.


From $4,600.

The Course Details

Graduate Outcome 

 Potential Career Pathways:

  • Community Services Worker
  • Community Service Coordinator
  • Disability Support Officer
  • Youth Justice Worker
  • Youth Officer
  • Community Support Officer
  • Youth Worker

Higher Education Opportunities:

  • Bachelor Of Community Service
  • Bachelor Of Public Health
  • Bachelor Of Applied Social Science


Common Course Requirements

  • Australia requires an ILETS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Students need to be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Comprehension skills equivalent to Year 10 pass level to successfully complete the Certificate level courses.

Education Pathways

Note: It is never recommended to undertake study for the sole purpose of trying to gain a visa to Australia.
Graduate Visa - Pathway To Aus

Graduate Visa

The Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows recent university or certain vocational graduates to remain in Australia and work after their studies have finished.

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