Published Aug 22, 2023
 by PTA

Studying Aged Care in Australia as an International Student

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As global populations age, the need for qualified aged care professionals is skyrocketing, especially in Australia. If you’re an international student yearning to study aged care in Australia, let this comprehensive guide walk you through the steps to start your career in this rewarding field. Here, at Pathway to Aus, we make your international study journey smoother.

Understanding Australia’s Aged Care Sector

Australia’s aged care sector is well-developed, offering various services from residential and home care to health programs for the elderly. By studying aged care in Australia, you not only open doors to excellent career prospects but also contribute positively to society. Pathway to Aus can guide you in understanding the diverse landscape of Australia’s aged care industry.

Choosing the Right Aged Care Course in Australia

Australia offers a myriad of aged care courses catering to various expertise levels. To help you make an informed choice, Pathway to Aus provides detailed course information and career opportunities. Here’s a glimpse at some popular aged care courses in Australia:

Applying to study aged care in Australia involves securing a place in an Australian institution and obtaining a Student Visa (Subclass 500). At Pathway to Aus, we streamline this process for you, providing detailed guidance and support at every step, from course and institution selection to visa application.

Understanding the Costs and Scholarships for Studying in Australia

Studying aged care in Australia as an international student can be costly, however, all of the courses are available on payment plans, so you’ll pay for your tuition every month, term or semester. You’ll also be able to work whilst you’re in Australia on a student visa. Some institutes have scholarships available to help lower the cost of tuition these expenses. At Pathway to Aus, we maintain an updated list of scholarships and offer advice on managing your finances while studying in Australia.

Adjusting to Life in Australia as an International Student

Australia is a multicultural country with a high standard of living. As a part of our comprehensive services at Pathway to Aus, we provide tips and support to help international students acclimate and thrive in their new environment.


Studying aged care in Australia as an international student is a worthwhile venture that promises enriching career prospects. Let Pathway to Aus guide you on this exciting journey. From choosing the right course to settling in Australia, we ensure your experience is as fulfilling as possible.

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