Published Aug 4, 2023
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Does Aged Care Pay Well in Australia?

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Introduction to Aged Care

Embarking on a career in aged care in Australia offers not just the chance to make a profound difference in people’s lives, but also presents promising financial prospects. If you’re considering an international education that can lead to a rewarding career, allow us to introduce you to aged care. At Pathway to Aus, we understand that deciding to study abroad is a significant life decision, having all been in your shoes at one point. With us, you’re not just choosing a study path, you’re stepping into a supportive community.

Aged Care Salaries in Australia

So, does aged care pay well in Australia? On average, aged care workers in Australia can expect to earn between AUD 60,000 to AUD 80,000 per annum. This can increase depending on your level of experience, specialisation and location of work. Given the strong demand for aged care services due to an ageing population, opportunities for career progression and wage growth are substantial.

A Glimpse into Different Cities

Australia’s diverse cities offer varied opportunities and experiences for aged care professionals. In vibrant cities like Sydney and Melbourne, there is a high demand for aged care services, translating into competitive salaries and career opportunities.

Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, is another attractive destination for aged care professionals with its warm climate, stunning scenery, and robust healthcare sector. In the coastal city of Perth, the aged care sector is rapidly expanding, making it an excellent choice for those seeking new opportunities. Adelaide, known for its relaxed lifestyle and high-quality education, also offers plenty of opportunities in the aged care sector.

Education for Aged Care

To begin your career in aged care, suitable qualifications are necessary, and Pathway to Aus is here to assist you in finding the right aged care course for you. From Certificate III in Individual Support to Bachelor of Nursing, we offer a broad range of courses suited to your needs and career goals.

Benefits of Studying Aged Care

Choosing to study aged care in Australia provides benefits that extend beyond the financial. You’ll acquire practical skills that lead to immediate job readiness, experience cultural immersion in an English-speaking environment, and open doors to further study or employment opportunities in Australia.

Pathway to Aus: Your Partner in This Journey

The Pathway to Aus team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey. From selecting the right course to navigating the application process, obtaining your student visa, and ultimately transitioning into employment, we’re here as your steadfast partner.

We offer free consultations and migration assessments to help you determine the best path for your specific needs. We also provide assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, and health cover information. Throughout your study in Australia, our team will continue to monitor your progress and provide assistance with daily life, ensuring you get the most out of your Australian experience.

Choosing to study aged care in Australia is not just about starting a career; it’s about immersing yourself in a transformative experience in a welcoming country known for its high-quality education. With Pathway to Aus, your journey to studying and working in Australia is supported every step of the way. Embark on this rewarding career path today and step into the world of aged care in Australia.

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