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Points Test

If you apply to migrate to Australia under the Skilled–Independent category or the Skilled–Sponsored category, you will be assessed against a points test.

Points Test

The Points Test is the first step to applying for most general skilled migration (subclass 189, 190 or 489 visas). These are widely regarded as the most appealing visas available to Australia. As they are permanent visas that allow you to remain in Australia indefinitely and have unlimited work rights. To be able to apply for these visas, you must first pass a points test. The points test measures how desirable you are to the Australian Government by measuring such things as your age, education, work experience and English.

General Skilled Migration Visa Subclasses Overview

  • Skilled Independent – Subclass 189 – You must be skilled in an occupation that is on the DIBP Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Skilled State Nominated – Subclass 190 – You must be nominated by a state or territory to apply for this visa – Receive 5 extra points on Points Test for Subclass 190 applications
  • Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 489 – You must be nominated by a state or territory government or be sponsored by an eligible relative. And also be willing to live and work in a regional area – Receive 10 extra points on Points Test for subclass 489 applications


You will need to receive a score of at least 60 points to be able to submit an expression of interest through Skill Select.


Skills Assessment

Please be aware that before you can lodge a general skilled migration visa application you must first have a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation.


The points test is only part of the general skilled migration process. 
To clarify your eligibility and find out about the later steps contact Pathway to Aus for a consultation.