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Gain Additional Points

With the new visa changes on the 16th Nov 2019, there are even more ways to gain points. Below is a short overview of some common ways to gain additional points.

General Skilled Migration

The more points you have the higher your chance you have of receiving an invitation for General Skilled Migration.

General Skilled Migration Visas include

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190

Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491

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Additional Ways to Gain Points

Here are a few ways to gain extra points. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


State or Regional Nomination


English Test


Professional Year


Partner's Skills


Work Experience


Accredited Translator


STEM Qualification

Receive a Nomination from a State or Territory

Applicants can be invited to apply for a Skilled State Nomination (Subclass 190) or Skilled Regional (Subclass 491) visa if they have been nominated by a State/Territory agency. You do not need your occupation to be on the MLTSSL to apply for State nomination. Your occupation must be on the state skilled occupation list. Applicants receive additional points for State or Regional Nomination.

  • 5 points may be awarded to a Skilled State Nomination (Subclass 190) visa applicant who is nominated by a State/Territory government agency.
  • 15 points may be awarded to Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491) applicant who is nominated by a State/Territory government agency or who is sponsored by a family member.

You can find out more information on the State and Regional Nomination through the individual state websites:

Sit an English Test

Immigration wants applicants with a high level of English ability. Therefore you can receive additional points for your English level.

NZ, UK, Irish, Canadian and US passport holders are all automatically allocated Competent English and do not need to provide evidence of English language for the visa. However many native speakers sit an English test in order to receive additional points. 

  • Competent English (equivalent of IELTS 6 in all 4 bands or hold a NZ/UK/Irish/Canadian/US passport)
  • Proficient English (equivalent of IELT’S 7 in all 4 bands) – 10 points
  • Superior English (equivalent of IELT’S 8 in all 4 bands) – 20 points

Please note acceptable English tests include: IELTS, PTE Academic, OET, CAE or TOEFL iBT.

Professional Year

By completing a professional year in Australia in the occupation in which they studied, applicants can gain an extra 5 points.

A professional year is available an internship based learning program in which applicants are placed at a company. Professional Year programs are available to graduates in the engineering, accounting and computing field.

Partner’s Skills

  • Single – 10 points
  • You have a skilled partner. This means that your partner is under 45 years of age, obtains a positive skill assessment in a job on the same shortage list as you and has Competent English – 10 points
  • Your partner who can demonstrate Competent English. The partner can be over 45 years of age – 5 points

Obtain Australian Work Experience

Many students can gain 5 points for 1 years work experience in the nominated occupation for work completed in Australia. Many applicants gain the 1 years work experience on either the Graduate Work Visa, Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa.

– The work you undertake must be paid and you must work for at least 20 hours per week

– The work experience can only be counted once you have met the skill level required by the Skills Assessor. For example in most instances work experience can only be counted once they have completed their qualification.

Become an Accredited Translator

Applicants may receive 5 additional points if they are an accredited translator and interpreter.

You must become accredited as a para-professional interpreter or translator (level 2) by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters

STEM Qualification

10 points for Masters or PhD level Australian qualification in specific areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM). This change is driven by the importance of STEM skills to Australia’s ongoing innovation and economic success.

Australia Study Requirement

In order to encourage applicants to study in Australia, applicants can receive 5 additional points if they have studied in Australia. Please note these 5 points are in addition to the points you would receive for your highest education qualification.

If you study the right course you may also qualify for the Temporary Graduate Work Visa (Subclass 485) when you complete the study. 


Additional 5 points

You will receive an additional 5 points by completing a Degree, Diploma or Trade Qualification in a courses/courses that were completed in:

at least 2 years of academic study in Australia and
the study is completed over at least 16 calendar months. You must have been physically in Australia for this period.

Your study is not required to be relevant to your nominated occupation to receive the 5 points.

Regional Study

The Australian Government wants to encourage foreigners to study in regional areas. As such, if you both live and study in a regional area for 2 years, you gain an extra 5 points.

The definition of Regional Australia will be simplified in November 2019 to include all of Australia except for: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This article details some of the best regional areas to study in Australia and courses you can study there.

Some great regional areas you could consider studying are: Gold Coast, Perth, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Byron Bay and Tasmania. 

Additional Courses You Can Study in a Regional Area:

Early Childhood Education
Digital and Interactive Games
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Education Support
Conservation and Land Management
Fashion Design
Travel and Tourism
Digital Media and Technology
Sport Development
Outdoor Recreation

Many universities offer courses that may qualify for regional study including:

  • Southern Cross University
  • James Cook University
  • University of Sunshine Coast
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Tasmania
  • Flinders University
  • Charles Sturt
  • University of New England
  • Charles Darwin University

Case Studies

Hear are some of our students, who gained additional points

Tim (29) from UK

After graduating from university with a Bachelor in Business, he is now working as a store manager. Ben’s occupation is not on the MLTSSL, only on the STSOL. 

At the moment, Ben would have (30 points for age) and (15 points for completing a bachelor degree).

Ben would need 20 more points to be eligible for general skilled migration. 

Additional points

By studying a course that is on the MLTSSL, Tim may be able to allow himself to pass a skills assessment. Tim decided to study Carpentry in Brisbane.


5pts for completing a 2 year trade course in Australia


5pts for post qualification work experience

10pts for Regional Nomination

With the additional 20 points, Tim would have a total of 65 points 

Ben (26) Malaysian factory worker

Ben would like to come to Australia to live and work, he has no experience in an occupation that is on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. By studying a course that is on the MLTSSL, Ben may be able to allow himself to pass a skills assessment. Ben only has (30 points for age) and (10 points for proficient English).

Ben would have a score of 40 in total. Ben would need 25 more points to submit an expression of interest.

Additional points

Ben decided to undertake a 2 year automotive package at Tafe QLD in Bundaberg.


10pts for completing an automotive course


5pts for studying this course in Australia for at least 2 years


5pts for studying this course in a regional area

5pts with State Nomination

With the additional 25 points, Ben would have a total of 65 points.

Wendy (25) from China

Wendy has just graduated from a Bachelor of Engineering in China. She has proficient English. Wendy would have a total of 30 points for her age, 10 points for English and 15 points for her education. A total of 55 points.

Additional points

Wendy has decided to study a Masters of Engineering at a university in Adelaide.

5pts for studying a Masters or Bachelors in Australia for at least 2 years

5pts for studying in Regional Australia


5pts for State Nomination

With the additional 15 points, Wendy would have a total of 70 points


In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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