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Skills Assessment Requirements

Job Ready Program

Job Ready Program gives applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and job readiness in an Australian workplace, before they apply for migration to Australia.

Employment-based program


The Job Ready Program (JRP) is a four-step employment-based skills assessment program for international student graduates seeking a skills assessment for migration purposes.

It is commonly used for those who cannot pass their skills assessment for general skilled migration purposes for those wanting to apply in Australia permanently.

Eligibility for the program

To be eligible for the Job Ready Program, applicants must:


  • Have studied a trade qualification in Australia
  • Have studied for an occupation that is listed on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List
  • Ensure that TRA is the skills assessor for that profession.
  • Have completed at least 360 hours of work or vocational placement in Australia that is relevant to your occupation
  • Be eligible to apply for the 485 Temporary Graduate Visa

There are four main parts to the Job Ready Program

Provisional Skills Assessment 

The very first thing that an applicant will need to do is to pass a provisional skills assessment. This is similar to the skills assessment required for general skilled migration, however, the requirements are a lot lower.

This skills assessment confirms that you studied in Australia and graded with a trade qualification, that you have an IELTS score of at least 6 in all aspects of English, and that you have undertaken at least 360 hours or work experience or vocational placement in Australia. If you do undertake a trade qualification in Australia, most education providers do ensure that you undertake a vocational placement as part of the course.

Successful applicants may also need to show that they have the experience required to complete the tasks of their specified job.

Once an applicant receives a successful skills assessment they can use this to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa and begin step 2 of the Job Ready Program.


The next part of the Job Ready Program (Job Ready Employment) is useful for those who would like to apply for permanent migration to Australia. During the Job Ready Program applicants are required to find paid employment in their specific job and provide evidence of employment to TRA. Many applicants choose to complete their employment in regional Australia, as there are more employment opportunities available.

Once TRA has verified the employment as suitable, the applicant can then begin the 12 months (1725 hours) of required employment.

Workplace Assessment

Once an applicant has completed half of the required 1725 hours of required employment over a minimum of 6 months, they are then eligible to take the third step in their Job Ready Program – the workplace assessment. This assessment takes place at the applicant’s location of employment. So if the applicant is a mechanic, the workplace assessment takes place at the garage that he works.

During this assessment, the Assessor evaluates if the applicant works at the required skill level for their job in Australia. If an applicant does not prove to the Assessor that they can work at the required skill level, they can continue to work for the employer and complete another workplace assessment at a later date.

Final Assessment

The final assessment can only happen once the applicant has completed at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 months. To be eligible for this, applicants must submit proof of employment such as payslips, group certificates, statements of employment, and bank statements showing wages entering the account.

Once the 1725 hours of paid employment has been verified, the applicant has then satisfied the skills assessment required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and can apply for an independent skilled migration visa.

Fees Payable for the Job Ready Program

  • Provisional Skills Assessment – $300
  • Employment Verification – $500
  • Workplace Assessment – $2000
  • Final Assessment – $150

Other fees not included

DIBP Visa Application Charge for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa – $1500
*The fee listed above is current as of Oct 12, 2017 and is subject to change.
**Plus credit card payment fee if paying by credit card.

What is an eligible trade qualification?

Pathway to Aus is proud to be partnered with education providers across Australia that can place you in many exciting trade courses across Australia. All of these courses will prepare you for employment in jobs that are currently listed on the Government’s Skilled Occupation List. Some of these courses include: (Click the Links for more information about the courses offered)

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