In this video we discuss other factors beside points, that are important for General Skilled Migration Visas. General Skilled Migration visas include the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189), State Nominated (Subclass 190) and Skilled Regional (Subclass 491).

A lot of people ask me what can I do to increase my points? For the Skilled Independent Visa or Family Sponsored Visa, points are crucially important. It is really the only thing that matters. However, with the State Nominated (Subclass 190) or Skilled Regional visa, other factors are considered.

Points are important. And the more points you have the better. But there are other things that State or Regional governments consider including points. We have had applicants receive an invite for state or regional migration with as much as 50 points + 15 points for Skilled Regional migration or 60 points + 5 points for State Nomination.

Each state has different requirements for state or regional migration. Each state has a separate list of occupations that they deem to be in demand in the state. It is all about meeting the requirements for the state.

Living and Working in the State/Territory

I think that most states are looking for someone who can contribute to the economy immediately. If you are living and working in the state, you are already employed and contributing to the tax base.

Some states will only invite onshore applicants if you have lived and worked in the state for a specific period of time. Some states or territories will like you to live and work in the state for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc..

Having a Job Offer

Many states will often want you to demonstrate that you can work in the industry in Australia. In order to demonstrate this, many states may require you to have a company in that state that is willing to offer you employment.


Sometimes timing is often more important than points. State/Regional Migration occasionally open and close at certain points throughout the year.

The more time that you have where you have your skill assessment and all the relevant documentation to submit the expression of interest, the better the chance of receiving the invitation.

Living outside Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Another important aspect is being open to living outside of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. By living outside these cities, you have the opportunity to apply for both the State or Regional Nominated Visas. If you are living Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you are limiting yourself to just the State Nominated Visas.

Genuine Commitment to the State or Territory

Each state or territory will only want to invite applicants who are genuinely committed to living and working in the state. It is important that you can demonstrate your commitment to the state. This can involve researching where you are going to live, where will your kids go to school etc…