Published May 25, 2021
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Electrician | Pathway to PR

This video discusses how to get permanent residency (PR) as an electrician in Australia. This is the pathway that we have assisted many applicants go down (both onshore or offshore).

Please note, this video is explaining the pathway for someone who is already qualified as an electrician offshore. If you are not qualified and would like to study in Australia, feel free to contact Pathway to Aus.

Skill Assessment

The very first step of applying for any permanent residency is the skill assessment. In this step your education and work experience are assessed to ensure they meet Australian standards for your occupation.

The Australian Government does not specifically know what each countries qualification or work experience is like around the world, so it entrusts this step to an organisation called Trades Recognition Australia.

Fortunately, the approved skill assessment is also what is usually required to apply for your provisional electrical license in Australia.

As electricians are a licensed trade occupation in Australia, you would need to have your skills assessed through the Offshore Skills Assessment Process (OSAP) Pathway. 

You can look at the full TRA guidelines here

Basically the skill assessment has 2 different steps:

  • The first is a paper based assessment
  • Then there is a technical assessment

In the paper based assessment, you would need to provide documentation such as:

  • a copy of the biographical identification page of your current passport
  • evidence of skills and experience including, but not limited to, training documents, evidence of employment and employment statements
  • copies of each document in original language accompanied by a copy of the English translation
  • evidence of your payment (payment receipt from TRA).

You must be able to demonstrate that you have completed full-time paid employment as an electrician, based on the followings standards:

  • Licensed Trade with no formal training – six years work experience.
  • Licensed Trade with formal training – four years work experience.

You must also have worked for at least 12 months in full-time paid employment in your as an electrician in the three years prior to lodging your application.

 Once you have been approved for step 1, you can then look to book in for your technical interview.

You will be required to participate in a technical assessment of your practical skills and knowledge. The assessor will focus on collecting evidence to determine if you meet the requirements of the relevant qualification in the Australian Training Package for an electrician.

This will involve a technical interview and may involve a practical demonstration of skills and/or gathering evidence from any nominated employers or other referee.

For most applicants this is done over a day or two days on the weekend. There are specific dates and times available for this, depending on the location when you apply. In Australia, it
may be every couple of months in major cities. In overseas locations it could be one or twice a year.

Successful applicants in the licensed occupations will be issued with an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). The OTSR is sufficient evidence to apply for a provisional licence with Australian state and territory licensing authorities and also to apply for most permanent visas.

Now to obtain a full license and the Australian Cert III qualification, you will need to undertake gap training and a period of supervised employment will be required. The gap training covers Australian-specific knowledge such as workplace health and safety regulations, codes of practice and other Australian standards. 


When looking to apply for different permanent visa options, there are really only 2 work visa pathways:

  • General Skilled Migration or
  • Employer Sponsored (Subclass 482) à Permanent Employer Sponsored (Subclass 186)

To look further at these options, please check out the related links.

I hope you found this information helpful, please note the information provided is general in nature and for a full review of your circumstances, feel free to book in for a consultation with Pathway to Aus


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