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In order to obtain a second working holiday visa, working holiday makers need to undertake 88 days of relevant rural work. It is commonly known by backpackers as completing your 3 months of farmwork.

However, lets be honest, no one wants to do the rural work. You have to travel to a regional location and work physically demanding jobs for low pay. It is common for backpackers to either run out of time to complete the farm work or simply choosing not to go running. Some unlucky backpackers even find out that the rural work they have done is not valid.

Unfortunately if you don’t complete the required work, there is no way to obtain the second working holiday visa. That ship has sailed. Although there may be some other visa options for you. This article details some of the most common visa options if you don’t complete the required rural work.

The most common visa options are listed below:

  • Partner Visa

If you have an Australian partner, you may be able to apply for a Partner visa to Australia. This allows you to have full work rights in Australia and eventually leads to Australian citizenship.

  • Study in Australia

Studying a course in Australia is probably the easiest way to extend your stay. There are courses available in every major city around Australia. There are also plenty of different courses to choose from.

  • Employer Sponsored Visa

This visa is probably the most appealing visa for working holiday makers. If you currently have an occupation that is on a MLTSSL or STSOL and have an employer that is willing sponsor your visa, then it could be for you. Please note there are a lot of different requirements for the employer sponsored visas to Australia. Find out more here

If your visa is about to expire, and you don’t want to do your farmwork, feel free to contact Pathway to Aus to find out more options:

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