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The Training Visa (Subclass 407) allows Australian companies and government agencies to sponsor applicants to participate in occupational training activities and professional development activities. This visa allows you to work for your sponsor in your job whilst undertaking in a structured training program provided by your employer.

Although the process is quite similar to the Temporary Employer Sponsored Visa (Subclass 482), The training visa is not designed to fill labour shortages and is, therefore, not an appropriate visa for persons whose sole intention is to undertake work. However, it does allow the visa holder to undertake occupational training with a sponsoring organisation that is consistent with the purpose of the visa granted.

If the sponsoring company is not a Government Agency, the application process comprises three stages; sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

This means that before applying for the visa, you must first be nominated by a company that is eligible to sponsor visa holders on this program. 


On the 407 visa you can:
  • Apply for the visa from both onshore or offshore
  • live and work as a trainee in Australia for up to 2 years (depending on the length of your training)
  • include family members


There are 3 types of occupational training covered by this visa:

  • Occupational training for capacity building overseas for applicants who require training as part of their overseas study or who are supported by an Australian or overseas government organization or for professional or management level employees of an overseas organisation 


Eligible Occupations:

In the past 24 months, you must have worked or studied full time for at least 12 months, in the occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List. The occupation must be on the relevant legislative instrument.


Workplace Based Training

The training must be workplace-based should be:

  • comprise at least 30 hours a week of training and
  • at least 70 percent of that training must be conducted in the workplace (i.e. not in a classroom or similar teaching environment).
Individually Structured Training Plans

Most applicants will be required to provide a structured training program that it is specifically tailored to the training needs of the nominee.

To be structured and individually tailored to the training needs of the nominee, the program should:

  • clearly differentiate between periods of practical work experience and periods of instruction and/or observation
  • outline the objectives, tasks and timeframes
  • include an assessment of the nominated trainee’s current level of skill in the identified occupation and
  • outline the additional or enhanced skills the applicant is aiming to gain.

The tasks to be completed and outcomes to be achieved should be consistent with the objectives of the program, include timeframes for completion, and show an increase in difficulty and complexity over the course of the training program to allow the nominated trainee to progress to a higher level skills capability.


Frequently asked Questions:

Can I use this program to do a trade apprenticeship?

Generally speaking No. This is not the intention for this visa. Additionally trade apprenticeships in Australia are subsidised by the Australia Government.


Can I work part time?

No. This visa requires that you work at least 30 hours per week for your sponsor.


What is the length of the visa?

The 407 visa is granted for a specific period with a maximum of 2 years. The length of the visa will vary depending on the training plan submitted.


Can I work in another job part time?

No. You can only work for your sponsor.


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