Fiance Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa

The prospective marriage visa is often referred to as the fiance visa. The visa allows you to work, live and study in Australia. There are also numerous other perks that the visa holder is eligible for such as receiving access to Medicare.

The Prospective Marriage Visa (also known as Fiance Visa) is for:

Applicants who are outside Australia

Applicants who intend to Marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Applicants who cannot meet the de facto or spousal requirement.

Please note: If you can meet the de facto or spousal requirement, you would just apply for a standard partner visa.

Required Documentation

In order to apply for this visa you will not need to meet the de facto requirement, but you will need to show that you are in a loving and genuine relationship and intend to marry in the future.

So you will build up documentation for things like:

Past Travel Tickets

Hotel Bookings



Statutory Declarations from friends and family

Complete a notice of intention to marry with marriage celebrant (set for dates 18 months in the future)

Any other relevant documents – joint bank account, transfer of funds to each other, evidence of joint residence etc…

Once granted the prospective marriage visa (fiance visa), you would then have 9 months to enter Australia and marry your fiance. Once you are married, you can then move over onto the standard partner visa (Subclass 820/801). Please note, you would need to be outside of Australia when you apply for the prospective marriage visa and when the decision is made on the application.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Here are the steps you need to take to get from Prospective Marriage Visa to permanent residency.


Apply for Fiance Visa

If you meet the visa requirements, then gather the required documentation and apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa (also knowns as Fiance Visa).


Enter Australia & Marry

Once granted the Prospective Marriage Visa, you would have 9 months to enter Australia, marry and apply for the Partner Visa.


Apply for Partner Visa

After holding a prospective marriage visa, it is a lot cheaper ($1,285) compared to the standard onshore partner visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to consult with one of our agents.

What is a prospective marriage visa?

A Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) is also know as the fiance visa. It is for people who are outside of Australia, but intend to marry an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

How long does it take to get a prospective marriage visa?
The standard processing time for a prospective marriage visa is approximately 16 – 18 months, however, we have had some applications processed in as little as 6 months, others have taken close to 2 years. If you would like to obtain a visa as quickly as possible, I would recommend providing a decision ready application.
How much does a Prospective Marriage Visa cost?
$AU7,715 if applied from inside Australia
Can you stay in Australia if you marry?
Yes. Once the prospective marriage visa is granted, you would have 9 months to enter Australia, marry and apply for the partner visa.
What happens after prospective marriage visa?
Once granted the prospective marriage visa, you would have 9 months to enter Australia and marry. Once you are married you can move over onto the standard partner visa.
How much does a Partner Visa cost?

When you apply for a partner visa after holding a prospective marriage visa, it is a lot cheaper ($1,660) compared to the standard onshore partner visa (Subclass 820/801).


In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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