Published Nov 2, 2021
 by Nick Yock

Long Stay Visitor Visa

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Long Stay Visitor Visa 

What is a long stay visitor visa?

This video highlights what it is and what is necessary to be eligible to apply for one.

Did you know you can apply for a visitor visa that is granted for up to 3 years in duration and allow you to stay up to 12 months each period? This visa is perfect for someone who has family in Australia and wants to spend a longer period than just 3 months on the standard e-visitor visa.

There are many different types of visitor visas that you can apply for. You have probably applied before for the E-visitor or Visa Waiver visa. These visas are very simple to apply for are granted for 1 year in duration and allow you to remain in Aus for 90 days each visit.

The other type of visitor visa is the – Subclass 600 visitor visa. Now, this visa has a few different types of streams (Tourist, Business, Family Sponsored etc.) Immigration can also choose how long to grant this visa for. So you can request to have this visa granted for any period you like. Immigration can then choose to grant you the visa for any duration they deem appropriate.

Long Stay Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream)

If you are looking to remain in Australia for as long as possible, I believe a suited visa for you may be a long stay visitor visa – tourist stream (Subclass 600).


This visa can be granted for up to 3 years. The visa will also allow multiple entries (meaning the visa holder can enter and exit Australia as much as he wants during this period)

Length of stay in Australia:

On this visa, the visa holder would be allowed to remain in Australia for 12 months in an 18 month period. Meaning if you spend 12 months in Aus, you must remain outside of Australia for the remaining 6 months.


The visa cost $145

Intention of this visa:

Please note, on this visa you will have absolutely NO work rights and you MUST BE ABLE to demonstrate to immigration that you can support yourself in Australia and that you will meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement:

As part of the application process, the visa applicant must convince immigration that they intend to reside only temporarily in Australia and not apply for this visa in order to maintain ongoing residence in Australia.

Common Documentation Required:

You would attach the documentation in your immigration account once the application has been lodged to support your application. Recommended documentation is listed below:

Personal Documentation:

  • Evidence of family members living in Australia

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement:

  • Evidence of Property Ownership overseas (Houses/Cars etc..)
  • Evidence of family overseas and home country (family book)
  • Statement outlining his reasons for entering Australia and that he will only look to remain temporarily in Australia.

Evidence of Financial Support:

  • Applicants Bank Statement
  • Evidence of Applicants ongoing pension
  • Letter of Support from Australian child/permanent resident outlining you will support your father during his stay in Australia
  • Evidence of Australian child/permanent resident ongoing employment


The information provided today is general in nature, if you are looking to remain in Australia on a more permanent basis, you may want to consider other visa options.

As always, any questions please never hesitate to contact the team at Pathway to Aus on the phone, website Facebook, or Instagram Thanks!

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