John’s Letter to Nick

I just wanted to give a massive thanks to you and all your team. From the first day we spoke those years ago when I was back in the UK, you have been fantastic, so helpful and always available.

My little idea of moving to Australia to be a student so late in life was so quickly a reality and you guys did everything. Found me a place to study my new trade effortlessly sorted out my student visa. It couldn’t have been easier.

As for our partner visa, nothing was left out. What seemed like an endless amount of information to gather was actually easy enough with your help. Once the application was in, immigration didn’t come back and ask for anything as you had it all covered.

Just shows what great work you all do in putting in perfect and honest applications. We can’t thank you enough!! Had to celebrate with a can of Bush Chook (and I don’t even like the stuff haha).