Published Feb 9, 2023
 by Nick Yock

What factors affect the chance of student visa approvals?

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Factors that affect the chance of approval for a student visa

At Pathwaytoaus we have assisted more than thousands of international students who have applied for a student visa. This experience elevates us above the rest as we have learnt the ins and outs of immigration and why some students receive refusals.

Common factors for refusal –

Some of these common factors for refusal are listed by immigration in their legislation and policies, whereas some are unspoken for.  Luckily our team have learnt about these through the lodgement of thousands and thousands of student visa and are here to help you.

If you are an international student looking to study in Australia, Pathwaytoaus offers a free service for students where we handle visa drafting and lodgement on your behalf.

We have attached a link below if you wish to contact the team at PTA or if you simply want to find the best-suited course for your circumstance whilst having the greatest opportunity of your visa being approved.

Generally speaking, all of these factors can go under Genuine Student Statement Criteria. * Please note, even if you don’t meet all or any of these factors, immigration can still approve your visa, so don’t be afraid to get in contact.

Important factors for visa approval:

Your location:

Although immigration will not specify this, you are much more likely to get approval for your student visa from inside Australia or onshore. If your visa is refused from inside Australia, then the decision can be appealed. However, if your visa is incorrectly refused offshore, immigration will not look at your application again. It is very common for applicants to enter Australia on a visitor visa and apply from onshore.

Your Nationality

This all stems from Genuine Student Statement Requirements. Unfortunately, your nationality can play a major role in the approval of your visa. Although this is unfair (particularly in the year of 2023) you are more likely to have your visa approved if you are from a wealthy country such as Canada, than if you hold a Pakistan passport.

Your Age

In my experience, immigration is more likely to refuse a visa application from older applicants who have had a much larger study gap.

Do you have a background in a course you are looking to study?

If you have any previous work experience or education in a field similar to what you are studying, it is definitely positive for a student visa. This is because we logically explain the benefits of studying this course and how it will help your future career progression.

What level of course you are studying?

Immigration is more likely to approve a visa for a higher-level course such as a Bachelor or Masters, compared to a Certificate course.

Are you including your partner or family member on your visa?

There is a higher chance of refusal for applicants who want to include family members on their visa (including spouse or children). You can always add family members to your visa afterwards.

Do you have family already in Australia?

Immigration can look negatively on applicants who have family in Australia. This is because it may decrease your chances of wanting to return home upon completion of your studies.

Now please note, the above aspects are certainly not conclusive and by no means always result in a visa refusal. We understand that almost all student applicants will have one or more of the above aspects listed, however, we don’t want this to deter you from applying but rather highlight some important factors. Once again, we 100% do not agree with these reasons for refusal but thought it relevant to note as immigration certainly does not outline this.

For more information contact Pathwaytoaus.

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