Published May 29, 2023
 by Nick Yock

What are the upfront costs to study in Australia?

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What are the upfront costs to study in Australia?

This video outlines how much the initial costs are to study in Australia. We run through 3 different student scenarios involving studying English, Vocational, or University Courses and what the initial costs are.

How much money do I need to start a student visa?

  • Please note: there are so many variables within that answer, so we don’t have an exact amount, but we can give you a roundabout estimated cost to go off.

Things to consider:

  • What are you looking to study?
  • Where are you looking to study?
  • Is it just you?
  • Are you bringing dependents with you?


Here we will give you 3 common scenarios to help gauge the estimated ranges of money you might need.

Scenario 1:

A student who’s looking to come out and study English

  • Every single school in Australia promotes their English courses at a per week price and the reason for this is that no student is the same. Every student has a slightly different starting point and end goal when it comes to studying English. Therefore, some may need 20 weeks and others may only need 10 weeks.
  • The first thing to consider is where in Australia you want to study. – Once you have chosen a location, we can then narrow down the schools based on your budget. Weekly prices can range from $180-$320 per week.
  • The next step is sending you off to the school you selected for an in-house English Test. – This is to help place you in the appropriate classes based on your current English ability and determine how many anticipated weeks you would require to be at your desired level of English.
  • In this scenario – our student is looking at studying English for 6 months at $200 per week (average price).
  • If you are studying under 6 months of English – you generally have to pay upfront as payment plans are not available.

Upfront Cost:

College fees: $5,200

Student visa: $650

Health insurance: $400-$500

= $6,300 upfront costs for 6months English course + living/travel expenses


Scenario 2:

A student who is looking to study a trade course

This scenario is based on the 2-year trade course. Deposits for vocational can range anywhere from as little as $500 to $3000 depending on the course you select and where you want to study. But unlike English, vocational courses usually offer payment plans reducing your upfront cost.

Upfront Costs:

Deposit: $1,000

Student visa: $650

Health insurance: $1,000-$1,200

= $2,750 upfront costs + school tuition fees & living/travel expenses

Scenario 3:

A student who is looking to study a Bachelor’s or a master’s course.

Higher Education courses have so many variables making it tricky to come up with a rounded range in price.

However, on average, a Master’s program (eg, of Business Administration) that goes for 2 years, would have a deposit cost of around $7,000-$10,000

Upfront Cost:

Deposit: $9,700

Student visa: $650

Health insurance: $1,100

Total: $11,450 upfront costs + school tuition fees & living/travel expenses

Please be reminded that this information is general in nature and if you have any further inquiries you should get in contact with one of our agents at Pathwaytoaus.

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