Published Feb 9, 2023
 by Nick Yock

How to improve a student visa application to give you the best chance of success?

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Some of the best ways to improve the chances of your student visa application

Unfortunately, student visa refusal is something that can happen. The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement is extremely subjective and is dependent on how your case officer assesses it.

At Pathwaytoaus, we have registered education and migration agents who can assist in enrolling you in a course that gives you the best chance of visa approval, so be sure to touch base with the link here.

We have noted some helpful tips to improve your student visa application for the best chance of approval. If you are from a low-risk country you may not need to consider these factors, however, for applicants from higher-risk countries, these are crucial. If you can improve one of these aspects, it could help:

Apply for your student visa from onshore

  • Unlike other aspects, this is something that you can control which will give you by far the best chance of approval. Immigration will never announce it, but in my experience, onshore applications are assessed differently (if not favorably). If you can apply from onshore (by initially coming to Australia on a visitor visa) you are more likely to have your visa approved.

Applying for a course that you have a background in:

  • If you can, it is always helpful to study a course that you have had previous work experience or education in. This shows as favorable if you have had previous interest or passion in this field. If there has been a large study gap, it is wise to study a short online course in that particular field before you apply.


Applying for a course at a higher level:

  • It may be strongly recommended for some applicants to apply for a course at a Bachelor/Masters or Graduate Diploma Level. In my experience Case Officers are much more likely to approve applicants who study at a higher assessment level.

Not Including Family Members (Initially):

  • As unfair or unreasonable as it may seem, I believe immigration is more likely to refuse applicants who include their spouse or children on their initial application. The reason is, that if your family is in Aus, there is a lower incentive to return to your home country.
  • Please note, you can list your family as non-accompanying family members on your initial application. In the future, you may be able to apply for their student visas as subsequent entrants.

Please note that the above information is general in nature and you should contact a migration agent to find out more about your specific circumstances.

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