If you are on a subclass working holiday or work and holiday visa, then you may be eligible to remain in Australian for an additional year. To obtain the second year extension visa holders must spend 88 days working in regional locations around Australia in areas of specified work.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You can apply from inside or outside Australia. But if you apply from inside Australia, you must be inside Australia when your visa is granted.
  • You must be aged between 18 – 30 years of age at the time of applying. (Canadians and Irish can now apply from the ages of 18 – 35)
  • You must have completed at least 88 days of specified regional work in Australia.
  • You must still currently be on your first subclass 417 or 462 working holiday visa or have finished your first working holiday visa
  • You can not be accompanied by any dependent children.
  • You have complied with all the conditions on your first Working Holiday visa
  • You have not previously held more than one Working Holiday visa
  • You have enough money to buy a return or onward travel ticket at the end of your stay


What this visa allows you to do:

  • Remain in Australia for an additional 12 months
  • Work for the same employer for a maximum of 6 months
  • Enter Australia within 12 months of the grant of the visa
  • Leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you like during the validity of the visa
  • Study in Australia for up to 4 months

What is Specified Work?

Plant and Animal Cultivation             Construction             Fishing and Pearling             Tree Farming and Felling             Mining and Construction  

How to apply?

You can apply for the second year visa extension either online or via hard copy. To apply online click here.

To check visa conditions such as the progress of your visa application you can check through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system. You will need to have your Transaction Reference Number available or the password for your application. If your visa is refused you will receive a letter from the DIBP advising you and your rights to appeal.

How much work do I need to undertake?

You must complete at least 88 days of specified regional work to be eligible for the visa extension. This work can be done in a row, or at separate times across the first year of your working holiday visa. You can work for one employer or for many different employers.

How do I calculate my specified work:

‘Three months’ means three ‘calendar’ months or 88 days. Work can be in one block with one business, or in separate blocks with one business or a number of businesses. Blocks of work may be in different kinds of specified work.

How to provide evidence of regional work:

The DIBP may ask you to submit evidence of specified work for a regional employer. If you are asked to provide this you may provide:

–       Original copies of your pay slips

–       Group certificates

–       Tax Returns

–       Employer references

–       and most commonly completed employment verification form (employment verification form)


List of Regional Areas (from Home Office Website on Feb 13, 2018):

State/territory Postcode
Australian Capital Territory The Australian Capital Territory is not classified as part of regional Australia.
New South Wales 2311 to 2312
, 2328 to 2411
, 2420 to 2490, 2536 to 2551, 
2575 to 2594, 
2618 to 2739, 
2787 to 2898. 
Note: Excludes Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong.
Northern Territory All of Northern Territory is classified as part of regional Australia.
Queensland 4124 to 4125,
,4270 to 4272, 
, 4280
, 4285
, 4287, 
4307 to 4499, 
4515 to 4519
, 4522 to 4899
. Note: Excludes the Greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast
South Australia Entire State
Tasmania Entire State
Victoria 3139
, 3211 to 333, 4
3340 to 3424, 
3430 to 3649
, 3658 to 3749, 
, 3756
, 3758
, 3762, 
, 3778 to 3781
, 3783, 
, 3799
, 3810 to 3909
, 3921 to 3925, 
3945 to 3974, 
3981 to 3996. 
Note: Excludes Melbourne metropolitan area.
Western Australia 6041 to 6044, 
6083 to 6084, 
6121 to 6126, 
6200 to 6799. 
Note: Excludes Perth and surrounding areas.

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