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The Building Industry is one of the biggest employers globally. So if you are looking for a Qualification that can help you obtain a career in any part the world,  Building and Construction could be the career for you.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma Of Building & Construction (Duration 1.5 – 2 years)

This course will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to work as a builder on medium rise building projects. You will be given the skills you need to effectively manage a project, other trades and meeting deadlines as well a safety requirements.


  • Diploma Of Building Design (Duration 1.5 years)

This is a challenging and rewarding program which will equip you with the skills and knowledge to make a career as a Building Designer, Architectural Technician or Draftsperson.  You will look at all aspects of the Building process, design features & working together with architects to make what they envision a reality.


Career Outcomes

  • Building Designer
  • Building Project Manager
  • Draft Person
  • Leading Hand
  • Registered Builder
  • Building Manager


Higher Education Opportunities

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Construction Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering





Pathway to Aus is partnered with education providers across Australia that provide Building & Construction Courses. If you are interested in more information in any of the course feel free to contact us on:

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