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Meet the Team

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    Thibaut Porte

    Travelling, discovering new cultures new places and meeting new people has always been part of Thibaut’ vision of life. Born and raised in Lyon, France, he started travelling with his parents, for the holidays and visited countries such as Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and Senegal. As a teen he did several travels in England, Ireland and the USA in order to improve his English. He discovered surfing in France, in 1994 and decided from then on that this would be part of his life style.

    Searching for ever better surf, this new passion took him to the coasts of Portugal, Morocco, California, the Caribbean islands and Cape Verde.

    After completing a degree in Business Law and a Master in Business Entrepreneurship in France, he took the decision that would change his life forever and moved to Australia. There, he settled on the Gold Coast and completed his MBA. Following his graduation, he just could not leave the surfing paradise that is South East Queensland and started a career as an Operation Manager, in the telecom industry. After becoming an Australian citizen and 11 years spent “down under”, he has now relocated to the country of his birth and operates the French Branch of Pathway to Aus from the beautiful city of Paris. He now strives to share his experience with French and European people and dedicates his expertise to helping them realise their Australian dream.

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    Brad Lincoln

    Brad is the lead Education Agent for Pathway to Aus. He grew up in Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast 14 years ago. Brad loves the Gold Coast and the life style that goes with it. In his time off you will catch him at the beach or catching live music from some of his favourite acts.

    Brad is a very approachable person and has a very strong knowledge of the education sector in Australia and the challenges that students face when studying abroad. He is always willing to help.

    Feel free to contact brad at blincoln@pathwaytoaus.com with any questions that you may have.

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    Nicholas Yock

    Nicholas is a Registered Migration and Education agent. He was born and raised on the Gold Coast, before attending theUniversity of Queensland in Brisbane and completing a double degree in Economics and Chinese. He is a firm believer that travelling and experiencing different cultures truly broadens ones global perspective. Furthermore, Nicholas believes that such experiences are the best investment anyone can make in life.

    Nick has also studied at Lioning University in China, and completed several overseas internships. As a result, he personally understands the challenges facing those wishing to work and study in a foreign country. After graduating, Nick has worked as a migration agent in the US, and has also worked in Japan and Canada.

    Nick loves his job and lives for the opportunity to assist international students and clients with their pursuits in Australia. He created Pathway to Aus to ensure only the highest level of service and support for all clients in the hopes that everyone can experience Australian culture.Whilst studying at university, Nick began working as a TESOL teacher at a local Gold Coast institution. He taught for several years before becoming a study tour organizer. He has always genuinely enjoyed the interaction with foreign students, and appreciates the perspectives and insights they bring. Nick is now a registered education agent, and still regularly enjoys visits to English and Vocational institutions.

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    Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro was born and raised in Brazil and always dreamed to have an opportunity to study and live in Australia. His dream comes true in 2005 when he decided to have a break from his university course to study in Australia and improve his English. Since then he has truly become accustomed to the culture and lifestyle.

    Pedro likes to say that he traveled more in Australia than his home country Brazil. He has lived and studied in 3 cities in Aus – Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide and knows other great cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Pedro loves to share his experiences and his knowledge about Australia and help our students to choose the best education pathway in Aus. Pedro is currently working as Education Agent at Pathway to Aus – Adelaide office. However feel free to contact him if you are in Brazil, Australia or anywhere else around the globe.

    If you would like to reach out to Pedro feel free to contact him on pferreira@pathwaytoaus.com

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