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Why use an Education Agent?

If you are planning to study abroad, then you may ask yourself why should I use the services of an education agent? Here are some of the most common questions and asnwers.

Using an Education Agent

The truth is the world is a massive place, and studying abroad is such an important and expensive decision. Students can simply not choose an education institution and city to study the same way that they choose their next holiday destination.

Students spend huge amounts of money studying abroad and it is simply too big a decision to base on online chat blogs. This has resulted in more and more students seeking out the professional advice of an education agent who knows the local market.

The reality is that students pay no additional fees for using the services of an education agent compared to if they went through the school directly. However there are numerous benefits of using the services of an education agent.

A great education agent provides significant value to both the student and the schools they represent. A good education agent always has the student’s welfare at heart.


Education Agents can provide invaluable information about the local area and inform students about institutions that they may not have known about.

Education agents can help students study for the longest possible time at the most affordable rate.

All of the services that an education agent provides are free to any student

Onshore(local) agents are partnered with almost every institution in the city

Local market and education industry

Local agents provide assistance to find a course that matches with student’s interests. A good education agent should get to know what a student wants to get out of their studies and place them at the institution that is perfect for them.

When a student is already studying abroad and they seek to continue their studies, then it is most advantageous to use a local, onshore agent. Agents in the student’s home country might be partnered with one or two education providers in each city.

However local agents are partnered with almost every institution in the city. Students who are looking to renew their studies in Australia should seek out onshore education agents, as they know the local market better than any other agent.

Onshore education agents can provide better assistance than offshore agents. Plus they are a lot more convenient and accessible to the students. Quite often local agents also assist with job and accommodation assistance.

Best courses at affordable rates

Education agents can assist students to complete the schools application forms and can convert the letter of offer to a confirmation of enrollment

Many education agencies also employ the services of a Registered Migration Agent who can assist with the processing of a student visa application.

They can provide accommodation and job assistance. Agents are aware of school specials (cheaper priced courses) that students may not know about. Different schools and institutions may offer cheaper course prices, at different times throughout the year. Agents might be able to give you advice any current school specials.

Services are free for students

All of the services that an education agent provides should be free to any student. The education provider pays the agents a commission. Most importantly, education agents are there to make the entire process a lot simpler and hassle free.

Even if you are decided on which institution that you may want to study, you should consider using an education agent for all of the added benefits. Students should only choose to use the services of an education agent that they feel comfortable and confident with.

If you are not 100% assured they the education agent has your best interests at heart, then consider using another agent. It doesn’t hurt doing some research about the institutions on your own, and then approach an Education Agent with these options.

Avoiding bad education agents

As in any industry, there are good and bad education agents. Unfortunately, many of the bad education agents attract a lot of attention. Here are some things that bad education agents have done in the past. It is advisable to avoid an education agent if they try to do any of the below:

Direct a student into a course that is favoured by them so they make the most commission. Certain schools may pay education agents a higher commission that other schools. A bad education agent may direct you to the school that pays the highest commission.

Misinform a student about an institutions course of study. A bad education agent could purposely mislead a student about the institution or course that they intend to study, just so the student studies there.

File any visa or school application with incorrect or misleading information. Education agents in Australia are not allowed to process a visa application on the behalf of a student. Only a registered Migration Agent can assist with the processing of a student visa application. However education agents can assist a student to understand the school and visa application. Under no circumstances can a student provide any incorrect or misleading information on a visa application.

Why choose Pathway to Aus?

If you have a question or concern don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll find our details down below.

Free Consultation

We give students free written or oral advice, to make sure our students select the best visa, course or school for their specific requirements. We also provide a breakdown of visa and course requirements and costs.

Free Migration Assessment

Perform a free migration assessment to help determine which visa students will qualify for.

Application Forms

Assist students with the completing the application forms for the institution and converting the offer to a confirmation of enrollment

Study Assessment

We provide guidance in assessing whether students will receive recognition for their study in Australia at institutions in their home country.

Travel Arrangements

We will ensure that our participants have their travel arrangements organized prior to departure. We provide a pre-departure orientation and we even provide optional arrival assistance such as airport pick up.


Assist students in choosing the best place to live your city and assisting in finding accommodation

Continuous Support

We will monitor student progress and assist with daily student life.

Health Cover

We can provide Health Cover information for your situation

Orientation at our office

Upon arriving in Australia, students can attend an orientation at our office. During this orientation, students will receive

  • Free job assistance
  • Free accommodation assistance
  • Assistance applying for a tax file number
  • Assistance opening an Australian bank account
  • Assistance obtaining a mobile phone
  • Assistance in resume preparation
  • Advice on how to obtain an Australian drivers license
  • Advice on local public transport
  • Free internet access in our office
  • Free postal address for mail
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In case of questions, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

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