What is A Construction White card ?

A Construction Industry white card is basically a certificate that shows you have completed the Constructions Safety Induction course and allows you to undertake work with in the construction sector in Australia.

Australia has very stringent safety requirements for all work places and the construction industry is certainly not excluded form this. Any one wanting to undertake work in this field regardless of the sector must be able to prove they have a basic understanding of the safety protocols and requirements with in that sector.

Where can you do this course?

So as a international Student undertaking study in Australia you must always do any form of training at a CRICOS register Institution. It does not matter of it is a short one day course like the Construction Industry white card or a Full bachelor program the institution where you study must be CRICOS registered.

Student do often struggle with this as if you were to do a quick google search you will find hundreds of companies offers this certificate in a range of formats.
Only a small handful off these organization would be able to deliver the White card as a International student.

We recommend that if you are looking to undertake this short course contact your institution as they will generally have a list of organizations that can provide you with this certificate. If they are unable to Help generally speaking Most TAFE institutions deliver this program to International Students.

TAFE institutions

Please see the links below to find a TAFE option that would work for you.

  • QLD – https://tafeqld.edu.au/courses/18519/construction-industry-white-card
  • NSW – https://www.tafensw.edu.au/course/-/c/c/900-80636V01/Statement-of-Attainment-in-Prepare-to-Work-Safely-in-the-Construction-Industry—Whitecard
  • WA – https://www.centralregionaltafe.wa.edu.au/courses/white-card-skill-set
  • VIC – https://holmesglen.edu.au/Courses/Building-and-Construction/Electrical/Construction-Induction-Card-White-Card-course/
  • NT – https://worksafe.nt.gov.au/licensing-and-registration/white-card
  • SA – https://www.tafesa.edu.au/xml/course/sc/sc_T824179525.aspx

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The course is only 1 day in duration.

How much Does it Cost?

$100- $200 Depending on the provider

When do you get your White card?

So once you have competed the one day course your White card will be posted to you, generally with in 2 weeks. While waiting or the card you can still start work in the construction industry as you will be supplied with your card Number while the card is processing.

5 Things to prepare before coming to Study in Australia

1) Accommodation

So of course accommodation is really important But what we recommend is when you are coming out to Aus just look for some short term accommodation for when you arrive. Wait till you start your classes before committing to any long term options as you will be meeting many people run the exact same position as you so getting a share house with your class mates close to your college can save you a lot of money.

2) Bank Account

Most Australian banks will allow you to set up a Bank account form offshore. This can be a very handy thing to have set up as that way when you arrive in the country you can have your Debit card issued so you can transfer funds and have any potential earnings paid straight in to an Australian account with out any delays.

3) Resume + References

Of course if you are coming to Australia to undertake study I’m sure your going to want to do some part time work as we’ll. Having a detailed resume (CV) Done up with Reference letters is very important. If you are applying for Jobs and your references are companies not based ion Australia its very unlikely employers will contact them but having a few Written references form previous employers could give you the advantage you need to secure employment.

4 Your Australian Tax File Number

Once your visa is Granted you can apply for your Australian Tax File Number. If you intend to work in Australia over there duration of your student visa. you will need a Australian tax file number so getting this done allows you to get straight in to work once you are eligible to do so.

5) Building your Network

Personally I think this his one of the most Important things to do.. There are no shortage of International Student groups on Facebook for student studying in Australia and these groups provide you such a strong insight in to whats going on in the international Student Community, They Post Job Advertisements, Accommodation options , as well as social events. Being apart off this online community can provide you with some huge advantages and help you generate the smoothest transition possible when first arriving and studying in Australia.