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If you have lodged a visa, it is very simple to check your Australian visa status. There are several different ways in which you can check your visa status.

Check through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO)

You will usually be able to check your visa status through VEVO. This is generally the easiest way to check your Australian visa status. You will usually only need your passport details and you should be able to check. VEVO will show many things including:

  • The current visa you hold
  • The date the visa was lodged
  • Your work rights
  • Your study rights
  • Other visa conditions

Australian employers and other parties can also check your Australian visa status, including work rights. In order to do this, you would need to provide the other person with the required information.


Check through your Immi Portal

If you lodged your visa through your Immi portal, you can also check your Australian visa status of your application through your immi portal. Please note if you used a migration agent to lodge your visa, your application will only show up in the companies immigration portal (not in yours). Therefore you will need to check your visa status through VEVO.


Contact Immigration on the Phone

If you cannot check your visa status through VEVO or through your Immi portal, you can contact immigration over the phone. Please note this would be the last resort, as you can expect to wait on hold for a long time. You can contact immigration in Australia on 131 881.


What if my visa is taking longer than expected to process?

Australian has many different visas. Each visa has a separate processing time and recently almost all Australian visa processing times have blown out.

Some visas may take longer than expected. This is not necessarily a bad sign for your application. Often immigration may be expecting a higher number of applications than the case officer can process. You can contact immigration over the phone to check the status, but will often only be told that the application is processing and you will be contacted by immigration shortly. Patience is a virtue.

If you have any questions regarding your specific visa status and would like to speak to a qualified migration agent, feel free to book a consultation with Pathway to Aus:

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