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General English prepares students for using English in the modern world and classes are often fun, interactive and encourage class participation. It focuses heavily on students listening and speaking skills, although also improves reading and writing ability.

General English courses are developed to expand each student’s grammar and pronunciation ability. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to practice their conversational skills with other students and teachers during the class. Modules covered in the course will provide students with an English ability to cope with general activities such as day-to-day conversations, meeting and greeting people, job interviews etc.

General English offers classes at different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced

In many of our partner institutions, students are allowed to choose elective subjects that suit their study goals. This allows students to focus on core skill areas that they would like to improve. Example of the elective classes include:

  • Conversation classes
  • Grammar classes
  • Reading classes
  • Vocabulary classes
  • Listening classes
  • Business English
  • Test preparation classes.

Many students who come to study in Australia will commence their studies in a General English course to improve their English to a level that will allow them entry into another course. Upon completion of General English many students choose to attend other English courses (Academic English, IELTS preparation), or attend universities or vocational institutions.

Benefits of General English:

  • Students can attend monthly excursions organised by the school
  • Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities
  • Upon graduating students will be given a certificate stating the duration of their studies and the English level they attained.
  • All course materials are provided for the course by the institution
  • Students can learn in a fun and rewarding classroom environment
  • Students take an initial English test to determine the correct class level for their studies
  • Participation and co-operations is highly encouraged


Duration of Course

Between 4 – 60 weeks

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