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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are designed to improve an international student’s English ability to the level required so they may successfully enroll and study at a university or vocational institution in Australia.

EAP courses are designed to improve all aspects of the student’s English. Specific emphasis is placed on improvement of reading and writing skills, thus enabling a student to write university-standard assignments. The course is far more academic in comparison to general English courses, and greater emphasis is placed on increasing a student’s vocabulary and fluency throughout the course. This enables a student to communicate effectively and confidently in group discussions, give presentations and understand lectures and tutorials throughout university.

Pathway to Aus has several EAP courses that offer students direct entry into a university/vocational college in Australia without requiring the students to sit an IELTS exam.

The majority of schools only allow students with an English ability of intermediate of higher to enter EAP classes, so it is quite common for students to first take general English classes before switching to EAP. EAP further improves the student’s English ability after undertaking General English.

Some of the skills that students will learn in English for Academic Purposes that will assist them in their transition to university include:

  • Listening in college environments
  • Planning and writing reports and academic papers
  • How to successfully give spoken presentations in class
  • How to participate in class discussions
  • How to participate in group projects
  • Increasing students vocabulary and grammar
  • How to articulate their thoughts and opinions in an academic environment.
  • Advice on methods to sit formal exams

Once students complete the EAP course, they can choose to either continue to study EAP at a higher level, or alternatively, students can choose to undertake an IELTS class to ensure they achieve the required IELTS level to enter university.


4 – 24 weeks

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