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If you are looking to further develop your English Language skills, but looking for a course the is not as intensive as General English Or IELTS preparation this may be the course for you. These courses generally go by 2 names, either certificate in spoken and written English Or a Certificate in English proficiency.

*** These are not ELICOS Courses ***



Courses Offered


Certificate I in Spoken & Written English (Duration 15 – 28 weeks)

The Certificate I is a very basic entry level English course that help further develop fundamental English skills.


Certificate II In Spoken & Written English  (Duration 15 – 28 weeks)

The Certificate II much like the Certificate I is to help further develop already existing English Skills. There is a strong focus put on using English in Social and Work place environments. With fun class based activities to help develop you vocabulary, pronunciation & conversation skills.


The Certificate III In Spoken & Written English (Duration 15 – 28 weeks)

The Certificate III works to improve your vocabulary and also your reading and writing skills in a work place or study environment. You will be engaging in practical activities , role play & writing tasks to give you a strong understanding of the best ways to use the language in a more professional format.


The Certificate IV in Spoken & Written English (Duration 15 – 28 weeks)

The Certificate IV is for student who are about to take the next step with there English Language abilities. The Certificate IV is generally more intensive the the lower level Certificate and are for student who are looking to develop their English Language skills so that they can undertake further study in a English speaking country. Some of the Certificate IV courses also offer an element of IELTS preparation for student who are looking to sit the IELTS English Tests.




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