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Choosing where you want to study in Australia is a very important decision.  We have put together some basic information on the main study locations in Australia, to enable you to make an informed decision about what part of this beautiful country you will start your Educational journey.



Located in Tropical North Queensland.


Climate: Sub – Tropical Climate very warm in Summer & Winter.

Educational Institutions: Cairns Institutions are Government & Privately owned. They offer a selection of English & Vocational courses for you to choose from.

Cost of living: Medium to Low.

Job Opportunities: Cairns has a thriving tourist scene, which in turn creates a lot of opportunities for international students to find employment: Hospitality, Tourism, Retail & Farm work are the biggest industries in Cairns.

Public Transport: Public transport in Cairns is Limited.

The Brief:

Cairns offers international students one of the most amazing places to undertake study in the world.

Surrounded by sub-tropical rain-forest and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef you can be assured you will be amazed by this beautiful location. You will never be bored in Cairns being that it is such a popular tourist destination there always seems to be something happening.

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Located in South East Queensland

Climate: Brisbane has a very tropical climate it can get very hot over Summer. Winter can get quite cold you might even need put a jumper on a few times a year but not very often. The rain is generally heaviest from late December Through to late February.

Educational Institutions: Brisbane has some of the best Educational facilities in Australia. You have no shortage of course options to choose from. English right through to Higher Education Brisbane has it all.

Cost of Living:  Medium

Job Opportunities:Brisbane has expansive restaurant and retail precincts. So finding a job in Brisbane should not be to hard if you enjoy working in those fields.

Public Transport: Public Transport in Brisbane is Excellent, you can get just about any where with the use of buses, trains & public bikes.

The Brief:

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city and a wonderful place to base yourself as a international student. The city is a vibrant fun place to explore and hang out. Food, Arts & Music Festivals are a common feature on Brisbane’s Social calender and always a lot of fun.

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Gold Coast

Located In South East Queensland approximately 1 hour South of Brisbane

Climate: The Gold Coast has one of the best climates in Australia. Summer days are filled with sunshine and warm weather. Winter can get a little cold at times but not very often. The Rain generally is heaviest through Late December through to late February.

Educational Institutions: Like Brisbane, The Gold Coast can cater to all areas of study. The Gold Coast has some of the best Language Schools & Vocational Colleges in Australia with some of the best course prices around.

Cost of Living: Medium to Low

Job Opportunities: Summer is a very busy time on The Gold Coast, and that is the best time to find casual employment. The  Gold Coast is a very popular tourist destination which means there are a lot of retail and hospitality jobs available to international students.

Public Transport: Public Transport on The Gold Coast is getting better and better. With the recent Installation of the G (Gold Coast Trams) it is now even easier to get around this beautiful city.

The Brief:

The Gold Coast is one of the most sort after destinations for International students. It has  Australia’s Best Beaches, Night life that rivals Australian Capital Cities & warm friendly people. The Gold Coast is a dream destination not only for internationals students but for anyone looking to come to Australia.

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Byron Bay

Located  In Norther New South Wales about 1 hour South of The Gold Coast

Climate: The Climate In Byron is basically exactly the same as Brisbane & The Gold Coast perfect all year round.

Educational Institutions: There are some wonderful English Language Schools, Vocational , Arts & Higher Education Facilities in Byron Bay.

Cost of Living: Medium to High

Job Opportunities: Over the Summer busy season you should have no problems finding work in Byron Bay. Retail, Tourism, And hospitality are there main industries but Byron is also Surrounded by a lot of farm land so you could even try your luck at a bit of fruit picking.

Public Transport: Byron Bay is a very small town so public transport is very limited.

The Brief:  Byron Bay  is a perfect place to start your Educational journey in Australia. It is a small town that is full of life, arts and culture and you would not be disappointed spending some time undertaking some study.

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Located on the East Coast of New South Wales

Climate: The climate in Sydney would best be described as temperate . Winters can get quite cold  and Summers quite warm. Rainfall is generally spread out pretty evenly through out the year with no official rainy season.

Educational Institutions: Being that Sydney is the Capital City for New South Wales you have some of the best Educational Facilities available to you. English Language Schools, Vocational Colleges & Universities Sydney has it all.

Cost of Living: Medium to High.

Job Opportunities: Like any major city there are a lot of opportunities for international students to find employment.

Public Transport: Public Transport in Sydney is some of the best in Australia. With the network of Buses , Trams & Trains there is no location you cant get to.

The Brief:  Sydney  is full of action and people, so if Big Cities are your thing and you thrive off that environment it is a perfect place for you to undertake study.

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Located on the South Eastern end of Australia in Victoria

Climate: The climate in Melbourne can seem quite extreme at times Winters can be very cold & Summers Very hot. Melbourne has a reputation for being a very rainy city but it actually receives less rain then Brisbane or Sydney each year.

Educational Institutions: Melbourne like Brisbane & Sydney is a Capital City so you have every type of Educational facility available to you.

Cost of Living: Medium to High

Job Opportunities: Like any major city there are a lot of opportunities for international students to find employment.

Public Transport: Public Transport in Melbourne is probably the best in Australia. With there huge train, tram & bus network you can get absolutely anywhere .

The Brief:  Melbourne is Australia’s Arts & Cultural hub. Full of art galleries trendy bars and hidden lane way cafes , you will have so much fun exploring this beautiful city.

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Perth is Located on the West Coast Of Australia.

Climate: Hot and Dry

Educational Institutions: Perth has some fantastic options for international students when it comes to study. Perth institutions have courses that are not offered any wear else in Australia and can give you life long skills to work in construction or mining. They also have numerous Language schools and Universities that cater to international students.

Cost of Living: Medium to High

Job Opportunities: Like any major city there are a lot of opportunities for international students to find employment.

Public Transport:  Public transport in Perth is efficient and cheap.

The Brief: Perth is a very multicultural part of Australia. Ever since the Australian Mining Boom Perth has been a very sort after location for workers and students alike. The pathways and opportunities that are available in Perth are like no other place in Australia. So if you have an interests in Construction or Mining you can not go past Perth as a study Location.

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