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When did you initially come to Australia?

I came to Australia late February 2016.


What was your pathway to the visa?

I started on a Student visa then moved onto a graduate visa after graduating from an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management in Childcare.


What did you do before coming to Australia?

I was in my home country Malaysia taking a gap year whilst I decided what I wanted to study.


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to live in Australia and continue working in Childcare or I might continue my studies and undertake a Bachelor in Childcare.  


Why did you choose Australia?

  1. Because Australia is close to home. (Malaysia)
  2. Because Childcare was in demand and I really like children.


How did Pathway to Aus help you?

Nick and Brad helped me through the visa process and they also helped me in finding Imagine Education which was a great school. Nick and Brad were also very helpful with helping me obtain the graduate visa.


Tell me about how you started with Pathway to Aus?

I heard about Pathway to Aus when Nick & Brad came to Malaysia for a seminar and I was impressed by what they had to offer.