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Holidays are a special time for international students during their studies in Australia. They get to put down their books down and enjoy themselves.

Some of the benefits of holidays in Australia for international students are:

  • During holidays students have unlimited work rights. Meaning that students can work as many hours as they like throughout the holidays.
  • It gives students a break from study
  • Students can travel back to their home country to see their family
  • It allows students time to travel around Australia and see some places they might not have seen.

Holiday Periods for University/High School and Primary School

University students definitely receive the most holidays out of any education sector in Australia. University break dates may change depending on what university you study at and what course you study, however below is a general guide for university holidays

  • Easter Break (1 week) 6 – 10 April
  • Break between Semester 1 and Semester 2 (around 3 weeks) Jun 20th – July 15th
  • 2nd semester break (1 week) 28 September – 2 October
  • Summer break (around 10 – 12 weeks) November 2014 – Jan/February 2015

Holiday Periods for Vocational and English Schools

Unlike university, vocational education providers do not have any set holiday periods. Most education providers will close down over the Christmas/New Years (Dec 20th – Jan 2nd) period. Apart from this students are allowed to choose when they take their holidays. Students must confirm that it is alright with their education provider before they go on holidays. The education provider will set the amount of weeks that the student is allowed to go on holidays. Typically speaking if students are allowed to take up to 4 weeks of holidays if they are studying for less than 10 months. If a student is studying for longer than 10 months, they are allowed to take up to 2 months of holidays.   

Obtaining the longest possible holidays on a student visa

Every day students ask us what is the longest possible time they can remain in Australia on their student visa. Many students seek to spend the longest possible time in Australia for a course that runs for a set period of time. They want the most possible holidays The benefits of being on holidays and not having to attend class are obvious:

  • More time to travel
  • Allowed to work unlimited hours

*Please be aware students can not work prior to their course beginning.

Confirmation of Enrollment

The length of your visa must be organized before applying for your visa. The length of your visa depends on the length of the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). This is a document that is issued by the school before applying for the visa. Different schools allow for different lengths of holidays during a course. For example two schools might offer an identical course that requires 20 weeks of classes to complete. However one school might allow student to have only 2 weeks holiday during the classes, and the other school might allow the students to have 4 weeks of holiday. Before you obtain your school COE you must try to negotiate the number of weeks of holidays that you can have during the course. Once you have the COE, and apply for the visa, there is no way to alter the length of holidays that you have with the course.

When your studies end

After the course has finished students who have a COE of less than 10 months, will have generally have a visa valid for another month after the COE expires. Students who are studying a course with a COE longer than 10 months will usually be allowed to remain in Australia for up to 2 months after their COE expires. However, if a COE expires after November 1st, students are generally allowed to remain in Australia until the beginning of the next semester (around March 15th the following year). *Please note the actual length of time that your student visa expires after your course finishes is decided by the Immigration Case Worker.

Packaged Courses

Students that are applying to study packaged courses can have up to 8 weeks holidays between the courses. Except if the first course is finishing after November 1st. However if a case officer believes that students are intentionally attempting to prolong their course, they may consider the student not to be a genuine student. For more information on extending your stay in Australia check out this article. Alternatively contact Pathway to Aus with any questions you may have.

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